Anders Pink and Learninghubz Partner to Deliver AI-Powered Content Curation to Businesses

Anders Pink and Learninghubz Partner to Deliver AI-Powered Content Curation to Businesses

Thousands of articles are published on the web every day. So how can you find the most relevant content for your teams and equip them with the knowledge and skills to perform at their best?

Today, Learninghubz and Anders Pink are excited to announce a new partnership that will bring AI-Powered content curation of web articles to the Learninghubz platform.

Learninghubz is a skills-building platform with over 10,000 high-quality learning videos and courses, expertly curated from YouTube and popular MOOC platforms. Now, with Anders Pink’s suite of AI-Powered tools, it is expanding its content curation offering to provide the latest insights and trends, on any topic, that clients need to stay ahead of the curve.

Teams will have instant access to what’s happening in their industry, with their clients and competitors and stay up-to-date on the latest technology, management thinking, and other relevant topics through automatically updated web feeds integrated into Learninghubz.

João Nogueira Santos, CEO of Learninghubz says:

“Every week, many professionals waste time combing through multiple websites, newsletters, and other sources, just trying to stay up-to-date on the latest insights and trends relevant to their business. Thankfully, with the Anders Pink partnership, that’s all in the past!

Our clients will now have instant access to the freshest articles and insights published by all the sources they care about, organized into briefings curated for each team.

Content curation is now an essential element of any successful L&D strategy. Thanks to our partnership with Anders Pink, Learninghubz will extend its content curation capabilities on videos and online courses to articles, allowing us to better support our clients in their efforts to maximize the knowledge and skill of their workforce.”

Michelle Hazelton, Anders Pink Managing Director says:

“We’re really pleased to announce our new partnership with Learninghubz. The great content within the Learninghubz library will now be augmented by giving learners access to the most up-to-date, fresh and relevant insights on the skills, topics and industries that matter.

We understand how hard it is to keep a workforce updated with the latest knowledge. Anders Pink’s Web Curation solves that and, with this partnership with Learninghubz, we’re delighted that more learners and organizations will benefit from access to the best freemium content available”.


About Learninghubz

With Learninghubz, all employees have unlimited access to a high-quality library of learning videos and courses on more than 100 skills, selected from world-class YouTube channels and some of the most popular MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). And Learninghubz works side-by-side with clients’ learning platforms; it doesn’t replace them.

Learninghubz offers a much lower cost, modern and effective alternative to buying content libraries and implementing new learning platforms.

Regarded as one of Portugal’s most exciting learning tech start-ups, with customers in Banking, Retail, Financial Services, IT, Education, Manufacturing, Health Services, Public Sector and others, Learninghubz is now entering the UK, with the mission to help organizations provide the very best learning content to all employees, from #shorts and videos to playlists and courses, leveraging content curation and the new digital learning culture.

Learn more about Learninghubz: Website | YouTube | LinkedIn  or email


About Anders Pink 

We all need to continuously develop and L&D teams are tasked with finding the right content aligned to skills, and organize them in learning platforms as playlists or pathways. And to stay relevant and competitive, organizations need to ensure that their workforce is up-to-date on the latest insights on the skills and topics that matter. But it’s not easy. 

We wanted to make it easier. That’s why we’ve built the Anders Pink Product Suite.

The Anders Pink Product Suite, which includes Complete Curation, Web Curation and Content to Skills Mapper, enables you to gain visibility of all of your content across multiple libraries, respond rapidly to business needs by creating targeted learning playlists and pathways and curate up-to-date freemium web content, all mapped to any skills framework and added quickly to an LMS, LXP or collaboration platform. 

Learn more about Anders Pink: Website  | LinkedIn | Twitter or email