Anders Pink Solves The Skills to Content Mapping Challenge Automatically with new Product


Organisations need to develop critical skills in employees to remain competitive and drive retention and development. They’ve invested heavily in learning content. But how do you figure out if all that content is well matched to priority skills? What content do you need that’s missing? What do you have that’s not necessary? 

Mapping skills to content is a key opportunity for L&D teams to drive more value from content, and align it to business priorities. But it’s not easy. 

Reviewing content assets, determining which skills they actually cover, and identifying the gaps, is a manual time-consuming process. Scaled up over thousands of content items, and a set of constantly evolving skills, it creates a challenge for L&D teams and their organisations.

That changes today, with the Anders Pink Content to Skills Mapper. 

Our Content to Skills Mapper is the latest addition to the growing suite of Anders Pink products to complement our award-winning curation tool. 

Powered by AI and available via API, The Content to Skills Mapper enables partners and clients to: 

  • Automatically analyze thousands of learning content items from any source – built, licensed, or curated. This can include courses, PDFs, web assets, podcasts, videos – any form of asset. No manual audit required.
  • Map content against any skills framework or taxonomy – either their own or an industry standard 
  • Immediately see how content maps against priority skills within your learning platform
  • Understand what content you have mapped to skills and  adjacent skills, 
  • Identify content that you don’t need, to make better use of your budget 
  • Close the skills to content gap efficiently – make more informed content decisions

No consulting or manual analysis is necessary. Our proprietary software understands the context of any content item automatically, and provides highly accurate skills to content mapping. It’s available as an app or via API to power learning platforms, to power effective search and skills mapping at speed. 


Anders Pink Managing Director, Michelle Hazelton said: ‘The learning market has shifted towards a skills-first conversation. But our partners and clients have told us there’s a real challenge in understanding if they have the right content to address critical skills, and quickly see the gaps. Manual auditing of content libraries against skills takes too long, and is a moving target. True to our automation-first approach, we’re delighted to launch our Content to Skills Mapper to make this critical task easy, automated, and constantly up to date. Our clients are telling us this can save up to 80% of the manual effort they’re undertaking with content analysis and skills mapping.’ 


Find out more about our Content to Skills Mapper by getting in touch here.

Look out for further product release announcements to add to our suite of market-leading automated curation and skills products soon.