Empowering People Through Decentralized Learning With Learn Amp LXP and Anders Pink


What’s decentralized learning?

As General Electric put it many years ago, everyone is responsible for their own personal development. Though that mandate was followed by a long period of centralised learning functions, mandating courses and learning requirements for the organisation. We’re seeing a shift back towards a devolved model now, as L&D teams revisit the idea of decentralised learning. What does that mean? Empowering the people in your organisation to develop their own skills by providing the resources, tools and support to get to where they want to go. In some ways Covid-19 was a catalyst for a return to this model of learning – with everyone working remotely, it was more down to the individual to develop, guide themselves, with coaching and support from centralised teams. 


What does that mean for content curation?

In the current climate of content overload, it is essential for organisations to provide their employees and learners with access to quality content that is relevant to their roles. Decentralised content curation – where people are encouraged to share and curate content themselves – is an effective way of ensuring that employees have the information they need to upskill or reskill, at their fingertips. Content that aids not only the individual’s learning journey, keeping them engaged and motivated but in turn, helps to retain staff – vital during the great resignation. The key to effective curation is not to burden the individual – you don’t want them wasting time searching the web for content. Providing the tools to make it easy is vital. 


How can Learn Amp and Anders Pink help?

Learn Amp combines learning, engagement and performance management tools in one seamless platform driving better business results and higher employee retention. Learn Amp enables learners to work at their own pace with the tools that work best for them and access to a wider range of resources, such as on demand content from Anders Pink. 

Unlike other learning platforms, Learn Amp is a combined Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Experience Platform (LXP). Learn Amp balances the need for control over compliance with autonomy for employee-led learning.


Power to the people: create your own learning journey
Learn Amp users create their own learning pathways, allowing the individual to design their learning to best suit them. Within their learning pathway the Anders Pink integration comes to life, creating a briefing in Anders Pink app and exporting it to your learnlist, you can get started immediately with the most relevant and up to date content on your chosen topic. The benefits of designing your own learning is not only that you can work at your own pace, with the modalities that best suit your learning style but it also naturally encourages the user to be active in their own learning pathways.


Anders Pink x Learn Amp Integration

'We consider Anders Pink to be a foundational integration in our ecosystem. Curated content is one of our four pillars for what makes a great content engagement strategy, and Anders Pink are the leaders in championing the use of resources, not just courses.'
Joe Hill-Wilson, Chief Commercial Officer at Learn Amp


In practice: How nbkc Bank empowers their learners to share: 


In a Learn Amp case study with nbkc Bank they discuss the solution to their learning challenges with content sharing. ‘Content sharing in Learn Amp enabled managers to share information with their teams, with a few clicks. In addition, employees can now create their own content, collaborate on learning materials together, and submit the content to curators – designated experts who can check the content is accurate and engaging before sharing more widely’.
Content from Anders Pink is displayed as a to do list in the platform, and once your articles have been read, they can mark as complete or leave a review to have a discussion with fellow users of that specific learn list. This drives a collaborate social learning habit within the organization.


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In addition to the increased engagement through the use of decentralized learning, learners are able to use the platform as a spearhead to upskill and reskill for their own professional development and work towards their goals, on their terms. 

In practice: How Ten Academy future-proofed their talent with Learn Amp and Anders Pink by making learning personal:

Ten Academy’s challenge was to ‘Retain talent by providing structured development programmes and clearer pathways to progression’ they were able to do this with the use of Learn Amp’s combined Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Experience Platform (LXP). With the use of content curation from Anders Pink learners can create briefings on the particular topics or subjects they require for their learning pathway, bringing in the best of the web relevant to their skills. Once a learner has a Skill rating Learn Amp matches learner with personalised recommendations for further training. 

Decentralised learning means empowering your people to make the right choices for their skills development. Curated content plays a big role in this process by providing a variety of resources that help employees learn new skills and stay current in their field. Learn Amp’s LXP & LMS integration with Anders Pink can help organisations to give more power and control to the individual, helping them find, share and use the best content for their employees to learn from. 


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