Keep your teams up to speed with Anders Pink

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Wouldn’t it be great if the best content on the topics you care most about, dropped into your inbox,  or Slack or MS Teams channels, every day, without you having to spend hours looking for it? 

Well, with Anders Pink AI powered content curation, now you can. Anders Pink crawls the web to bring you the best, most up-to-date content, quickly and easily, saving you time and money.

Microsoft Teams app with Anders Pink curated content

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Keep your communities and team sites fresh with dynamic feeds which update regularly with new articles, videos and podcast on fast moving topics for: Skills, Industries, Trends and Policies 

This of course helps you foster a culture of continuous learning, upskill your teams and grow your business.

Slack RSS app with Anders Pink curated content

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Microsoft SharePoint with Anders Pink curated content

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A simple tool to curate great content 

The simplest way for curators to find the content they need is with Briefings, a feed of aggregated content from the web. 

Create a feed on any topic, refine the results by simply upvoting and downvoting articles to get the right context for your audience, save then start delivering great content. 

You can also use our off the shelf Briefing Bundles which cover eight categories: Hybrid Working; Leadership and Management; HR and L&D; Personal Development; Sales and Marketing; Future of Work In-demand Skills; Technology; and Business and Strategy. 

Each category features 150 pre-curated bundles with a host of useful resources, in eight languages. 

Easy to access

It’s essential that this real time content is easily accessible for your teams so you decide where you want Anders Pink briefings to appear whether it is a Learning platform, collaboration tool such as Microsoft Teams, Slack or SharePoint, a website or even direct to their inbox, we can make this happen for you.

Email digests


Digest Email from Anders Pink 

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Your learners can receive daily, weekly or monthly email digests that bring them all the latest content. Emails can be configured with any feed and take just 15 minutes or so to set up.

Simply specify what type of content, how many articles to include in each digest and how often you want them: daily, every couple of weeks or monthly. You can also keep track of how your teams are engaging with content by using our analytic tools.

Anders Pink helps you:

  • Save time searching for content 
  • Keep your teams up to speed every day on the topics that matter
  • Get automatic updates automatically through email, Slack, Teams or wherever you want 
  • Reduce costs by tapping into the best of the web

Get in touch to find out more and see Anders Pink in action – we’re here to help you be a curation hero.