How Royal Mail Increased Learner Engagement by 30% With BLEND LXP and Anders Pink

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L&D professionals know that courses and formal learning are vital to develop skills and competencies, but they’re not enough. To keep learners up to date on trending content and new developments in key topics, you need to regularly curate content from the wider web. But searching the web for trending content is time consuming. We built Anders Pink to help solve this problem. Our AI driven content curation tool categorizes and sorts content for context. New content is sourced on your topics and skills of interest, every day, and embedded in BLEND via our integration with TalenTeam.

As one of the most experienced and qualified Partners of SAP SuccessFactors, TalenTeam helps you unlock the power of this world-class technology, letting you supercharge your Human Experience Management (HXM) potential and profit from a range of valuable business benefits.

Anders Pink has partnered with TalenTeam to bring the best of the web automatically into their BLEND LXP. BLEND is an extension or add-on to SAP SuccessFactors which transforms it into a learning experience platform. It helps learners to personalize their learning experience, combining relevant courses and formal learning with curated content via Anders Pink.  By simply entering your interests, Anders Pink within BLEND sources high quality, relevant content from a wide range of source across the web. There’s no need to log into Anders Pink as an end user – the whole experience is in BLEND LXP. Learners can rate, like or share the content, encouraging social learning and continuous development. This helps the individual to grow towards specific objectives and goals. This content is always changing within the platform based on engagement and interactions. 


Curation in Action for Clients: Mini-case studies

Fuel That Powers Digital Transformation in One of The World’s Oldest Organisation.


One of the oldest organizations in the world, Royal Mail Group can trace its origins back over 500 years to 1516. Given the mail, parcel and courier market changes, they needed to transform their approach to be more user focused and improve the employee engagement experience. The opportunity was to create a foundation for all learning and development and bring the workforce along with the business as it progresses along the transformation journey.

BLEND Learning Experience Platform helped Royal Mail deliver the information, tools, and resources to the workforce to help them do their jobs more efficiently by allow users to choose the way they want to learn, providing access to learning and career content that is most relevant to the individual and their role. Anders Pink enabled content aggregation and curation engine to aggregate and automatically bring fresh content into the platform, which has increased learner engagement by 30% and streamlined the delivery of information on a large scale.


Delivering A Netflix-Style Learning Experience.

Creating the world’s first frozen, non-dairy whip topping – Rich Products has pioneered many of the food industry’s game changing products since its beginnings in 1945. With innovation a key tenet of company’s success, Rich Products is committed to providing its people with continuous learning and development opportunities. Having implemented the BLEND LXP solution in its operations in the United States and Canada around five years ago, Rich Products steadily rolled out the solution to its global markets over the course of the following years.

By gaining access to external content, automating learning recommendations, and creating learning pathways, Rich Products has eliminated much of the manual and time-consuming work involved in managing its learning programs and maintaining learning libraries. Integrated with Anders Pink, it allows administrators to dynamically aggregate content from millions of sources and allows learners to set up content streams based on specific topics of interest. Taking advantage of content aggregation and curation capabilities from multiple sources, Rich Products have created a bespoke and multimodal learning experience.


Helping a Global Bank Stay up to Speed, With Less Effort.

A global Bank with over 70,000 employees found it challenging to keep teams informed of sector developments and to keep up with best practices at the pace in which the world of work is changing. We created range of custom curated content feeds (called Briefings) to update their teams on topics that matter to the organization. These were integrated seamlessly into BLEND LXP for the client. Their Subject Matter Experts can review the briefings on a weekly basis to share the most valuable articles. This has helped the client stay up to date on niche topics, saved time and effort searching the web and manually sharing this content, and has helped develop a continuous learning culture in the client organization.


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