New Team Digest Feature from Anders Pink

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At Anders Pink, we understand how tough it can be to consistently provide relevant insights and learning content to your teams. We want to make it as easy as possible to keep your teams up to date on world-class insights on industry-critical topics and emerging skills to uncover opportunities and be successful.  

Our feeds of content are curated from the public web using AI for intelligent filtering on any topic you want. They update continuously, which means you’re always sharing the latest content published online relevant to skills and topics that matter to your teams. But where’s the best place to share it.

Email is a great way to share trending insights directly to your learners’ inboxes. But you want to make sure it’s a valuable email, covering the topics that matter, with the right frequency and volume of content. We’re here to make that easy. Our totally updated  email digest gives you another way for sharing fast-paced information quickly and easily with your teams.   

Share great email content, the way you want:

Our email digest is fully customisable. You can specify how often you’d like the digest to be sent, what time and day (in line with your timezone) and to whom. Recipients can be anyone with an email address, there’s no need for them to have an Anders Pink account to receive it.  


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You can customise this email, so your audience is getting exactly what they need: 


Digest Title 

Decide what you want to call it, for example Your Organisation’s / Team’s Weekly round up on Engineering, Sales Insights and so on. 

Sending intervals 

Decide how regular is enough for your team. Pick between a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly digest email, and what day and time you want to send it (different timezones? No problem) 

Briefings to select articles from 

You can choose how much content on which topics you want to include. Select which briefings you’d like to include in the digest email. 


Select which members of your team you wish to receive the digest, they can be from your Anders Pink team or you can add additional email addresses. These people will not receive a confirmation email from Anders Pink to ask permission, therefore you must have received consent to add them to the email list.

Email subject (optional)

Completely customisable digest email title.

Customise it with a banner and logo 

Upload your banner image to include your company or initiative logo, team-specific image and text. This will display at the top of the email digest.


You can also set the headline text, recipients, sender address and footer content:


Headline Text

Completely customisable headline text, this is displayed at the top of the digest but under the banner image (if a banner image is added).

Email Footer (Optional)

Customise the first sentence of the email footer if required. The second sentence by default is ‘You can edit your email preferences or unsubscribe.’

Email From Name (optional)

Customise the name the digest will be sent from, i.e. the name of your business/company/team/individual. 


Keep track with Stats/analytics 

You can view the open and click rates for each email digest, with the ability to see the detail on a user-by-user basis. Including open date, time and clicks date and time (fully exportable as a CSV).

To get started, head over to the app and find ‘Team Digest’ at the bottom of the page.

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Send your teams an email they’ll actually want to open. You can start today, and customize your email digests at any time.

Get in touch to find out more and see Anders Pink in action – we’re here to help you be a curation hero.