Content curation from the web needn’t be daunting. Here’s why…

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We understand that serving up web content to learners might be daunting for some. At the end of the day, your reputation is on the line. You might have concerns about the quality of the content or worry that some unsavoury content might appear.

You might also be concerned that the content won’t be relevant for your learners.

Here at Anders Pink, we understand these niggling doubts, so this blog will aim to remove any concerns by letting you know how we surface only the best content for your teams, providing the reassurance you need.


How does Anders Pink ensure the content is safe for work?


We can automatically detect unsafe content using our machine learning models. The models have been trained with millions of high quality and low quality example articles so it automatically filters out anything unsafe. You can rest assured that content is safe for work, meaning your reputation remains intact.


How does Anders Pink ensure the quality and relevancy of curated web content? 


Anders Pink crawls millions of sources looking for content which is good for learning. This is not home pages, about us pages or index pages. It’s predominantly article based, longer form content – content that is good for learning.

We analyse the body content of the articles and use machine learning models to understand the context of the article which we then score. Content which scores below our quality threshold doesn’t get shown in Anders Pink briefings (feeds of content), so only high quality and relevant content will be surfaced.

“Training” your briefing to define the context, audience or focus is quick and easy. You simply upvote articles which match your context and downvote those that don’t, thereby future proofing briefings so you can set and forget, giving you more time to focus on other activities.

As Anders Pink briefings are automatically updated every day, you can rest assured that serving up to date, highly relevant and good quality content to your learners is all taken care of.


Can I control exactly where the content comes from?


Yes. Unlike other curation tools, you can specify exactly where the content comes from or where you don’t want it to come from. 

You can create Allow lists in Anders Pink which means that content will only be surfaced from sources that you have specified. You can also create Block lists, which means that content from your specified sources will be blocked. 

Allow and Block lists can be created and managed at the account, team and briefing level, making curation at scale, from defined sources, quick and easy. 


So that’s it! Anders Pink takes care of everything to provide the peace of mind you need. Here you can read about organisations that trust us to deliver the very best web content for their learners.

If you’ve got any other concerns or aren’t sure if curation from the web is for you and your organisation, contact us at We’d love to talk.