5 Ways to Make Curation Easier With Anders Pink

5 Ways to Make Curation Easier With Anders Pink

When we set out to build Anders Pink, we wanted to solve the problem of staying up to speed on the skills and topics that matter and finding the right content, easily. Manual curation for learning can be a slow, painful, hit-and-miss activity: scouring the web, tracking thousands of sites, wasting time looking at the wrong stuff, copying and pasting into an LMS, or slack channel or onto social networks – every day, for every skill and topic that matters to your learners.. Many curators tell us they start with good intentions, only to fall out of the habit, and miss out on the content that matters.

There’s no need to miss out. Anders Pink makes it easier to get a regular, automated, focused feed of content, personalized to the needs of your learners to help you stay smart every day. We help you to do this through creating briefings: targeted feeds of content on the topics and skills you want to track. These stay up to date automatically every day. So you can ‘set and forget,’ and let our tool build your curation habit. 

Here are five ways we make it easier to ensure your curation is focused, so you’re getting the content your audiences need, every day.

1.Be selective about sources: Allow and block lists:


Articles on best practices for Working Remotely (1)

Every learning professional knows that more content is not better. Nobody wants to be flooded with irrelevant articles. You want relevant content from trusted sites and sources. Many of our clients have their preferred go-to sites, industry-specific sources, and they only want to see content from those. For others, they want to block certain sites that aren’t relevant. We enable you to be very specific and selective about where content is coming from  through allow and block lists in our briefings:

Creating an allow list and applying it to a briefing means that content will be surfaced only from the list of websites that you have “allowed”.  Creating a block list and applying it to a briefing means that content will not be surfaced from the list of websites you have added to the block list.

You can make  allow or block lists at account and team levels , meaning you can re-use  allow or block lists at scale for ease and speed.  Watch this video to see how.


2. Set context at scale: Training your briefing;


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Context is king when it comes to curation. And context is subjective. You may be interested in leadership, but only in the context of pharma, or only in the context of remote teams. Our machine learning enables you to upvote or downvote a content item, and it quickly learns what you want to see more or less of, on scale. We call it training for your briefing. . You will initially train your briefing whilst in the create briefing stage by using the up and down vote arrows on each article – upvoting any articles that are most relevant and down voting any that aren’t as relevant. Once you’ve done this for a set of articles, we apply it automatically.machine learning learns your preferences for filtering any future content. So you can reap the benefits of setting context for your learners, and you can change it any time. 

Check out our support video on training your briefing here: 


3. Widen your reach at lower cost: Multiple Languages: 

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Many of our clients and partners serve global audiences, and they want content that’s relevant to a range of markets and languages. We’ve added 7 languages (and are adding more), to make it easy to create a briefing in multiple languages. We’ve added country and region-specific sources, so (for example) learners in Italy interested in marine shipping updates see natively written content, relevant to their market. 

An Anders Pink briefing not only reduces costs and delivers content to global teams in their native language, it also delivers content that is culturally  and market relevant as content is surfaced from in-country websites and sources.

Watch our support video here: https://www.loom.com/share/8bc26e20f5e44e9bb76d695b803e32d0?t=0

4.Add a human layer: Build context and recommendations with Saved Folders

Articles on best practices for Working Remotely

Tools like ours go a long way towards accelerating and automating curation of content. But to go the next step, high-performing curators select and recommend specific content items for an audience. 

For example, your leadership team may prefer to receive 5 top recommendations from you, every week, with some organizational context. The good news is, because you’re using Anders Pink briefings, you don’t need to go searching the web for the best content. It’s already there in your briefings.. And to create a collection of the best of the best, you can use our Saved Articles Feature. Using Saved Folders, you can add specific, handpicked articles from your briefings, and display them automatically in your platform or channels, with a personal commentary. These might be “must-read” articles for your learners or you might simply want to focus your learners’ attention on a few key articles.

Saved Folders are also useful if you prefer to have more control over the content that is coming through into your plans, pathways, units or modules as it ensures that only articles you have handpicked will appear in your learning platform.

Check out our support video on Saved Article Folders here: https://www.loom.com/share/1f92ef719f6f49d88fd1d88998ead54c?t=0

5. Grab web content from anywhere on the go: Chrome extension:
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If you happen to come across any useful, relevant articles when researching or scrolling the internet, our handy Google Chrome extension allows you to put these directly into your saved folders, which can then be connected to your LMS. This is easy to do and means you can come back to this library time and time again within Anders Pink.  So you can bring in any article you discover, and display it immediately inside your Learning Platform, with one click (and no copy/pasting). Simple.

This video shows you how to use the Chrome Extension: https://www.loom.com/share/d074d66c48054240ac2dc5ebcbc69fc1?t=0


We’re constantly adding new features to make curation even easier for the world’s leading platforms and organsations. We’d love to hear what you want to see next. 

Get in touch to see Anders Pink in action – we’re here to help you be a curation hero.