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In a knowledge economy, ensuring team members have a constant flow of information is a key managerial activity – it takes time and considerable effort, both of which could be better spent on other priorities.

The question arises, how can we reduce this time and effort and help teams to take advantage of their networks, share relevant, up-to-date information, and manage the content that is all around them?

Every day, on every skill and topic Anders Pink, can help you to surface the most relevant content for your employees and automatically display it in Workspaces within Totara Engage, bringing Workspaces to life, encouraging knowledge sharing and driving engagement with your Learning Platform


On 20th April 2022 we held a joint webinar with Totara to show how you can:

  • Enable your teams to access the learning they need, exactly when they need it
  • Surface the best learning content for your team in minutes
  • Reduce costs by making use of quality content that already exists
  • Make the most of Totara Engage and Anders Pink

What’s more, Anders Pink has released a new update for Totara Learn, making it even easier to curate content from the web with Anders Pink within the Totara TXP.

You can view the recording of the webinar within the Totara community here. 

Or the recording is available on YouTube here. 

If you’d like to find out more about our partnership with Totara you can visit our designated webpage.


Talk to us: We’re working with leading learning organizations like Capgemini, Scania and Sodexo to drive continuous upskilling and reskilling through intelligent, automated content recommendations aligned to the skills that matter. We’d love to help you. Get in touch and we’ll show you what’s possible. 


How it works

1. Discover

We’ll work with you to identify how automated curation best fits within your Totara Engage Talent Experience Platform.

2. Curate

Get curating instantly with fresh, customized and ready-to-go content feeds on the skills and topics that matter most.

3. Launch

Save time and empower your learners to upskill and stay smart. Deliver value to your business every day, with automated content curation.