Anders Pink curation tool, new feature updates for 2022: Intelligent content feeds, machine learning and more

Anders Pink curation tool, new feature updates for 2022: Intelligent content feeds, machine learning and more.


Anders Pink’s AI powered content curation tool already delivers relevant and up-to-date content to more than 1m people within organisations such as Capgemini and Scania.

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In response to growing demand and client feedback, Anders Pink have released a series of feature updates for 2022, that will further enhance the user experience for both curators and learners alike. 


Michelle Hazelton Managing Director at Anders Pink says “We appreciate how tough it can be for enterprise teams to consistently provide relevant insights and learning content. And we know that curators with limited time available and tight budgets, are under pressure from their businesses to drive learning engagement within their learning ecosystems”


The Anders Pink feature updates for 2022 include these key upgrades:

Enhanced Content Web Crawler

Our Enhanced Content Web Crawler analyses content from millions of domains everyday, looking for new quality content, and determines which ones are useful articles.

Intelligent Content Feeds

Searching for topic or skills based content now couldn’t be easier using our Intelligent Content Feeds. We look for the closest match, by analysing the title and body content of the articles against your search terms. We then combine this with the most recent publish date and the highest score from our Domain Authority Tool to surface the most recent, most relevant, highest quality content. 

Learning Content Categoriser

It’s quick and easy to refine results to only show the context curators are looking for, because our machine learning categorizes every article we crawl.

All curated content is scored against thousands of categories from the Anders Pink machine learning model, and our proprietary AI then learns which categories are preferred through upvoting and downvoting.

Curators can upvote articles on Digital transformation relating to banking & finance and downvote everything else relating to other sectors.

Or search for Hybrid working and refine results specifically for HR teams, line managers or employees.

The AI then learns preferences for filtering future content. As a result, curators get higher quality content with less configuration effort.


Michelle says “Whether you need to automate curation for onboarding, digital skills, leadership or simply help teams upskill and stay smart, the latest feature updates to Anders Pink will enable delivery of high-quality content, on any topic, at scale.”


These feature upgrades will further enhance the user experience for both curators and learners alike, enabling curators to:


  • Quickly create focused briefings with less configuration using the AI-powered briefing
  • Easily refine results for context using Anders Pinks machine learning categorizer and proprietary domain authority filtering tools. 
  • Confidently filter content from a wider set of domains to bring in more relevant content and in multiple languages.
  • Choose from recommended domains based on skills or topics, or create and manage allow lists and blocklists at scale.


Interested in leveraging the power of Anders Pink’s AI powered curation tool to automate the delivery of fresh content from the web, directly into the platforms you’re already using?

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About Anders Pink:

At Anders Pink we know that you want to create world class learning experiences.

In order to do that, you need to consistently deliver fresh and engaging content within your learning platform. The problem is curating content is a time consuming and laborious process, which leaves you frustrated and under pressure to deliver a better solution.

Manual curation is a slow, painful, hit-and-miss activity: scouring the web, tracking thousands of sites, wasting time looking at the wrong stuff, copying and pasting into the LMS, or slack channel or onto social networks, falling out of the habit and behind on trending content that matters. Sound familiar?

It shouldn’t be so tough…

We believe it shouldn’t be so tough to consistently provide relevant insights and learning content to your teams. Which is why we created Anders Pink’s AI powered content curation tool, to deliver relevant and up-to-date content within your existing learning ecosystem.

So you can stop struggling to consistently deliver high quality insights and content, and feel confident you’re delivering a world class learning experience.

Saving time and staying smart

Since launching the beta of Anders Pink in late 2017, it’s grown to become a fully integrated feature in the world’s leading learning platforms, tools, and apps.