Leadership Traits For The Here and Now: A Round-up of our Latest Resources From our Briefings

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An increasingly important role of the learning and development function is to guide colleagues to useful resources that will help them do their jobs better and develop new knowledge and skills. This approach to supporting employees came to the fore through the Covid-19 lockdowns as employers needed to quickly share resources on topics such as wellbeing and working from home. We’ve seen this on the Anders Pink platform as our customers created briefings on these topics.

By analysing the most popular briefing topics we have been able to create bundles of briefings that expand on the most in-demand topics. One of these bundles is on the subject of leadership and management, which is the most popular topic feed on Anders Pink.

The bundle includes 21 feeds on topics such as: 

Agile, Remote and Virtual Teams

Business Acumen

Business Strategy

Coaching and Mentoring

Creativity and Innovation for Leaders

Developing a Growth Mindset

With so much change affecting organisations, we wanted to dip into this bundle to provide a set of curated resources that explore the types of leadership traits that will support successful change and transformation. 


Five Top Leadership Picks For You 


Communication: What do communication leaders see as top opportunities right now – as we begin to look beyond the Pandemic?

Curating resources enables you to make connections to seemingly disparate pieces of information. This can be especially useful as it allows you to bring new thinking into learning and development. Communication is a key skill for leaders and managers and this article looks at opportunities in communications based on a survey of communications leaders. As you can see, the opportunities are similar to those presented to L&D teams, impact and digitisation, for example. There was also mention of ‘noise breaking’ as a comms opportunity. This is concerned with reducing organizational overload and shifting communications noise away from critical conversations. Creating cut-through communications around learning will benefit from noise breaking too. Is it time to have a conversation with your comms colleagues?  


Resilience: 12 leadership strategies for building a more resilient organization

Organisational resilience – the ability to bounce back from adverse situations – has been tested to the limits over the last 18 months and it is set to be tested in the coming months too. To ensure organisations continue to adapt to change, leaders must demonstrate a range of behaviours that will build resilience in the workforce. Many of these behaviours are concerned with building trust, such as open communications, transparency and honesty. Purpose and values are also becoming increasingly important for helping steer organisations through change.


Creativity: Unshackling the creative business

Cost efficiency is a huge challenge to creativity. But operating efficiency can sit alongside creativity if it is managed well. Indeed, creativity can ultimately drive innovation that will lead to future efficiencies. As organisations come out of lockdown they will be looking to explore new business ideas and new ways of working. This will require new behaviours if those ideas are to succeed. Having a creative process led from the top of the organisation has helped construction company Hickory transform the way it works and the technologies it uses. This article shares the company’s story. 


Emotional intelligence: Adam Grant on leadership, emotional intelligence, and the value of thinking like a scientist

In this interview, Adam Grant, author of Think Again: The Power of Knowing What you Don’t Know, shares his thoughts on modern leadership. Grant urges organisations to look beyond best practices and to focus on better practices. The concept of better practices suggests that there is always room for improvement. And that sense of continuous improvement can help build a culture of creativity and innovation. He also suggests that leaders should think like scientists, testing out hypotheses and identifying how products and services can be improved. Showing humility by acknowledging they don’t know all the answers can also help leaders learn and develop. Role modelling humility shows others it is okay not to know. 


Purpose: Why the “why” is so important for virtual teams — and how leaders can help find it

If your organisation is looking to adopt a hybrid way of working then you will need to ensure that employees stay motivated and engaged. Working remotely tends to have a negative effect on relationships as people focus more on tasks. So how can you help engage colleagues so that they are motivated to do great work? Having a sense of purpose is an important ingredient. It connects work tasks to the purpose of the organisation and connects the organisation to its customers and community. To motivate and inspire employees around your purpose, celebrate successes, share stories and understand your team’s values. This helps connect work to the purpose of the organisation whilst motivating employees to do good work.


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Living and working well in the “New Normal”

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