Degreed and Anders Pink Partner to Power Curation and Continuous Skill Development

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Everyone needs to stay up to date on the latest developments that matter to them. 

But it’s not easy. Millions of articles are published on the web every day. How to find the most relevant content for your teams, to help them continuously develop the skills for the future?

Today, Degreed, a learning experience platform and Anders Pink, the leading curation tool, announce a partnership to make curation and upskilling even easier in Degreed. 

Anders Pink is now available for all Degreed clients as a one-click provider and offers an upgraded premium paid subscription integration in Degreed allowing users to constantly discover new content on topics important to their company’s goals. Degreed administrators can create a feed on any topic using the Anders Pink curation app, or choose from hundreds of high quality predefined feeds, and tag these with the relevant skills in Degreed.

These curated feeds update automatically in Degreed every day, with fresh and relevant content from selected sites, in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and more to come. So teams spend less time searching, more time learning and developing. Anders Pink  saves time and cost through automated curation, and ensures there’s always fresh, relevant content for teams, connected to the skills most needed by the organization. Track what’s happening in your sector, with your clients and competitors, keep up to date on the latest developments in leadership – whatever’s relevant for you.


Rob Wellington, Director of Experience Partnerships at Degreed says: 


“Recent times have highlighted how critical effective learning is to organizations’ readiness, innovation, and agility. Degreed’s latest partnership with Anders Pink will enable learning teams to dynamically and rapidly curate learning resources to meet their organization’s most critical skill needs. Tagging these learning feeds with skills in Degreed will also empower learners and people managers to understand what skills they are building, what skills are needed, and what learning content will plug the gap. We are thrilled for all of our clients to get to experience Anders Pink for themselves” 


Michelle Hazelton, Anders Pink Managing Director says: 


“We’re delighted to partner with Degreed to bring our award-winning curation tool into the world’s leading upskilling platform. In many ways, Degreed is the ideal partner for us. We share a passion for ongoing skills development and a shared belief in the power of relevant curated content. This seamless integration will enable Degreed clients worldwide to continue their upskilling journey, with automated curation powered by Anders Pink. We’re so excited to be able to provide Anders Pink to all Degreed clients.”


All Degreed clients can access a set of free feeds on topics including building your personal brand, coaching and mentoring, innovation, and active listening to get started by enabling via One-Click Dashboard. For more information on how Anders Pink and Degreed automates content for their customers,

Degreed clients interested in previewing the Anders Pink experience or learning more about what Anders Pink can do for their organization can contact their Degreed Client Experience partner.


About Anders Pink 

Anders Pink is the leading content curation tool for learning. We save time and keep teams up to date, with automated curation on any topic, every day, from the best of the web. Our award-winning curation tool integrates seamlessly with a wide range of learning and collaboration platforms, so your teams continuously learn and develop the skills they need in the flow of work. We make curation and content recommendations easy, automated, cost-effective and integrated for the world’s leading organizations including Hitachi, Scania, Spotify and many more. 

Learn more abou Anders Pink: Website  | LinkedIn | Twitter


About Degreed

Degreed is the workforce upskilling platform for one in three Fortune 50 companies. We connect all your learning, talent development, and internal mobility opportunities to intelligence on the skills your business needs next. And we do it all in one simple, fluid, skill-building experience that’s powered by your people’s expertise and interests. So you can transform your workforce from within. Founded in 2012, Degreed is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with additional offices in Salt Lake City, New York, London, Amsterdam, and Brisbane.

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