Superteams, Knowledge Work, Engagement and Digital Learning: Your Curated Round-Up

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Many L&D teams have played a huge role in supporting organisations shift to new ways of working and learning as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst this work continues, organisations are turning their attention to the future, exploring the potential for new working practices powered by technology.


In this month’s curated content we explore some of the factors at play as learning and HR look to shape the future of work.


Superteams – Putting AI in the group

A defining characteristic of the future work set-up will be that humans will work more closely with technology, in particular artificial intelligence. Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Survey shows that 70% of respondents are exploring the use of AI in their organisation. The good news for humans is that 60% of respondents say their focus is on using AI to assist rather than replace workers. One way in which this will happen is through what Deloitte calls ‘superteams’, teams that harness the best of what humans and machines have to offer. At Anders Pink we recognise the importance of team collaboration to produce agile, high-quality work.  We support collaboration in teams by curating content through the platform and in Slack and MS Teams. And we enable teams to add their insights to content, which helps the collaboration process.


Most firms are slow to adopt automation and are unsupportive of knowledge work

In our excitement to create ‘superteams’ we must not forget that many organisations face challenges supporting knowledge work. This is one area where automation can help workers access the knowledge they need at work. Research from iManage shows that knowledge work will be even more important to business in a post Covid-19 world. But the research also reveals that only 23% of knowledge workers say their organization has the digital capabilities to support knowledge work. Clearly there is a lot of potential for organisations to harness AI to improve the flows of information in and between teams. For Anders Pink, automation does the heaving lifting when it comes recommending relevant, up to date information to your colleagues. By harnessing AI, organisations will be able to ensure employees can easily access information relevant to their needs. This approach is at the heart of how Anders Pink works.


Global Workplace Study 2020

This research from the ADP Research Institute lifts the lid on worker engagement and resilience around the world. It shows that trust and enjoying work are important factors in employee engagement. For example, people who love what they do at work are 3.9 times more likely to be highly resilient. And employees are 14 times more likely to be fully engaged if they trust their team leader. As we look beyond the pandemic and as new working practices emerge, so employers will need to keep a close eye on engagement and worker resilience. To help stay up to date with these topics, we have created a bundle of 21 topic feeds that explore adjusting to the new normal. Find out more about those feeds here (


The L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2021

Reskilling and upskilling are top of the L&D agenda, according to the L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2021 produced by Donald H Taylor, chairman of The LPI (Learning and Performance Institute)

Helping colleagues stay up to date on the skills that matter to them can be a big ask for a learning team. There are so many skills to consider that manually curating resources on a daily basis would be impractical. That’s where curation can help. By surfacing and recommending resources based on specific skills, learning teams can provide fresh content to support colleagues’ learning.

We integrate with more than 20 learning platforms to support the ongoing skills development of employees. Find out more about our integrations here.


Digital Learning

The latest Fosway Group analysis of the digital learning market provides a snapshot of some of the most effective and innovative technology providers in this space. We are delighted to see that several of our partners, including Learning Pool, Kineo, Jam Pan, GP Strategies and Netex, are included. The grid is a good place to start if you are researching the digital learning market.

Fosway’s analysis also includes a report which takes a look at some of the trends that it is seeing in the market. As a technology buyer, this report is well worth reading. Workplace learning trends highlighted include a focus on reskilling, the renewed focus on learning content and demonstrating the impact of learning interventions.

Despite the fact that learning content is on the ascendancy, Fosway points out that quickly finding the right content at the right time remains a challenge for most users. Part of the problem is that learning teams tend to focus on the learning platform as the destination for the user. What users actually need is access to resources in the flow of work. Also, these resources will be skills related as employees look to reskill and upskill as organisations change focus as a result of the pandemic.

We were delighted to be named a strong performer in Fosway Group’s recent analysis of the Learning systems market. That report also highlighted the need for organisations to support skills, saying that 2021 is the year in which the skills agenda “is set to make its mark as the headline act in 2021”.


There are so many topics to stay on top of as organisations look to their post-pandemic future. Anders Pink has been designed to enable you and your teams to stay on top of the topics that matter to you. You can curate content on any topic and plug it into any platform with our curation tool at Anders Pink. Get in touch or chat online with us at and we’ll set you up.