How Curation Can Support Skills Development

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The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated change in all industry sectors. This change has put the spotlight on skills. Organisations will need the right skills to succeed and reinvent themselves as we come out of the pandemic. As a result, skills development has risen rapidly up the corporate agenda.

So what does this mean for organisations? And how can they quickly provide relevant content aligned to emerging skills? Curation is part of the answer.


Skills Agenda Gains Momentum

We see this reflected in recent research. This year’s L&D Global Sentiment Survey of 3,114 learning professionals shows that reskilling/upskilling is the number one trend for the year ahead. The fact that this trend was newly introduced to the survey shows its significance. As research author Donald H Taylor says, “Covid-19 has massively impacted employment world-wide, and this vote reflects that.” 

It is a point echoed in Fosway Group’s latest analysis of the learning technology market. The report authors say, “Covid-19 has created an urgent need to address skills priorities including upskilling and reskilling workforces to respond to economic challenges. As a result, the skills agenda is set to make its mark as the headline act in 2021.” 


Need For New Skills Accelerates

Skills development has always been a part of L&D’s agenda of course. Covid-19 has hugely accelerated the need for it. Last year, we explored the role of L&D in reskilling the organisation. We shared research from the likes of the LinkedIn Learning and World Economic Forum showing what the top soft and hard skills would be in the short to medium term. The picture is clear: organisations need to develop new skills, and quickly.

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Curation: Powering Skills Updates

As the pandemic abates, L&D has the opportunity to support skills development using curation, which was one of the most successful approaches to learning through the pandemic.

Curation enables L&D teams to deliver skills-based content that is personalised to the needs of employees. And that’s exactly what employees want – 79% of learners surveyed by LinkedIn saying they would spend more time engaging with content that is more personalised to their needs and interests.


Skills Based Content Recommendations

So how can L&D teams support skills development using curation? Anders Pink partners with a range of learning platforms, which enable us to support employees’ skills development by curating resources that are specific to their role and the skills they want to develop.

So, if your learning platform enables employees to select the types of skills they are looking to develop, our technology can match resources to those development requirements. They will then receive frequently updated resources relevant to developing that skill. Being able to provide this curated feed of resources is more important than ever now that employees are spending most of their working day online. Putting skills resources into the systems they use each day will help build engagement.

Our integration with Degreed is a good example of this. It provides a feed of fresh, relevant resources around the skills you have tagged in Degreed. This helps employees stay up to date with those skills. We also provide curated resources for new and emerging skills, something that will help you keep pace with change.

We have also created a series of briefings that are aligned to the most in-demand soft and hard skills. These update automatically with fresh content from selected quality sites and sources from around the web, keeping you and your teams up to date on the latest developments.


Skills And Competency Frameworks

We work with many partners and organisations that use skills and competency frameworks and have created more than 150 pre-made briefings (in 7 languages) to support common skills and competencies in businesses. For company-specific skills or competencies, you can specify categories and use AI to train your feeds. This refines your results to deliver recent and relevant content from select business and learning sources that aligns with those frameworks. Let us help you provide a feed of high-quality, relevant content, automatically. Save time, add value to the skills development experience.


Support Skills Development With Curation

The skills agenda is set to dominate corporate learning in 2021and beyond. Creating new content to align with emerging skills will be vital, but creating content is not the only way as we have witnessed through the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Curation has become a vital part of the L&D toolkit. It provides an intelligent feed of recent and relevant content mapped to key skills. Curation enables L&D teams to deliver skills-based content that employees will need as they reskill and upskill.

Now’s the time to support skills development with relevant and timely curated resources. 

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help support skills development in your organisation, get in touch or chat online with us at