2020: Here’s Your Curation Report  [New Feature]

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Yes, we could summarise all of the challenges we’ve collectively faced this year. But…do you want to read that right now? Even though we curate all day, let’s not try and reflect too much on how 2020 has been for all of us. 

We do need to look back, and ask ourselves how we’re doing. Today we’re doing that in a different way. 

How about a free new feature, for the season that’s in it?

Announcing our new reporting features in Anders Pink

You need to know how your curated content is performing, so we’ve tried to make that easy for you, with a completely new set of reporting features. Teams and admins now have a view on 

  • Total views and engagements with your curated content
  • The top performing articles across all your curated content 
  • Your best performing briefings and folders 
  • The domains your audiences are most engaged with 

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It works everywhere

Whether you’re using Anders Pink natively, or (like most people), it’s integrated with your LMS, LXP or any other platform, we’ll track all of this for you, in separate reports. It captures views of content via our API and Javascript integrations too, so you won’t miss a thing. 

(If you are not seeing any data recorded within the Anders Pink app this may be because tracking has not yet been enabled in your account. Please get in touch and we’ll get it sorted for you.)


Make good choices in 2021: Let data help you

We all know that curated content is going to continue to be a key feature of learning solutions and platforms – so let the data help you make it even better. 

Looking at this data can help you do even more with curated content in 2021:

  • Which domains should we curate more from?
  • What types of articles are driving the most engagement?
  • What topics should we have more / less on?

And of course, if you want our help and advice on how to answer these questions, and kickstart your curation in 2021, just let us know.

Anonymous and secure

To create these reports, we’re tracking anonymous click throughs. So rest assured, no personal user data is captured by Anders Pink. No end user emails, no user login to Anders Pink needed – all seamless, unintrusive and secured. 

More to come in ‘21:

In the new year we’ll also add the ability to filter data by integration. So if you’re using Anders Pink on multiple platforms or tools, perhaps a learning platform and a collaboration tool like Slack, Facebook Workplace or MS Teams, you can report on usage separately or combined. This can help you better understand demand and the right place(s) for your future curation plans.   

Want to try it out?

Just get in touch and we’d be delighted to flick the Christmas reporting lightswitch for you. And of course, it’s free to all our customers. 

Wishing you the best for what’s left of 2020 (not much longer, mainly good we hope) and a great start to the new year.

Love from Team Anders Pink

Banner image: Creative Commons