New Integration: Anders Pink now available in Degreed, bringing curated web content into the Lifelong Learning Platform

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Degreed has been a pioneer in the LXP market, and continues to blaze a trail in the learning platform space with its growth, innovation and ease of use. It’s a hugely powerful learning and skills platform with over 6 million users and a global client list including 1 in 3 Fortune 50 companies. All of that since launching in 2012: like everyone in the learning world, we’re big admirers. They’ve always had a focus on a great user experience, helping people to develop the skills that will help them succeed, and providing access to the right content to support continued skills development.  And right from the start, they’ve made integration with apps and content sources easy.

Today we’re delighted to announce that Degreed just got even better: Anders Pink is now integrated with Degreed.

This brings another level of curated content recommendations into the Degreed platform, with the best content from around the web, on the skills and topics that matter to learners, automatically updating in Degreed via our integration.

It’s really simple to bring curated content from Anders Pink into Degreed:

  1. Connect Degreed and Anders Pink. We’re a featured provider within Degreed. Ask us or your Degreed contact and we’ll securely connect the apps.
  2. Create or choose briefings in Anders Pink.  A briefing is a feed of content from around the web, based on your choice of topics, keywords and sources. It’s easy to make a briefing on any topic, and you can also choose from over 150 pre-made briefings on business topics, in 7 languages.
  3. Send content from Anders Pink to Degreed: Tag Anders Pink briefings with relevant Degreed skills, and it will automatically send that content into Degreed.

After the tagged content has been added to Degreed, you can then embed it on your Degreed homepage, plans or pathways, seamlessly.
It’ll stay up to date every day, so there’s always fresh, relevant content to support skills development.

Here’s a video showing how Anders Pink works inside Degreed:

Why integrate Anders Pink with Degreed?

  1. Save time, stay smart: This makes it easier for learners to access tap into recent and relevant content on the skills and topics that matter, which is what Degreed is all about. No need for learners or admins to trawl the web looking for the best 5 articles on remote working this month – that’s all done for you via Anders Pink.
  2. Cost effective curation: All content curated through the Anders Pink Degreed integration is from the public web, and free to access. You just need a license to Anders Pink.
  3. Take control of curation: You decide which topics, sources and skills you want to see content from. It’s linked to your Degreed skills. Make it as specific to your business, skills and learners as you want.
  4. Ensure skills stay up to date with fresh content All content is tagged to the relevant skills in Degreed. It complements the other content in your Degreed platform, and stays up to date, automatically, every day.
  5. Rapid response to emerging skills: Emerging skills that you need to quickly support? Creating a new feed of curated content in Anders Pink takes minutes, and can immediately display relevant content within Degreed. Skills don’t stand still – we help you keep pace.
  6. Track progress: All content viewed via the Anders Pink integration in Degreed can be marked complete, and tracked within Degreed.

How Do I Get Started?

Just get in touch with us, or let your Degreed contact know you want to connect Anders Pink to Degreed. We’ll get you up and running in no time.

You can read more about our integration with Degreed here.

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