New Feature: Anders Pink App and Curation Bundles now available in 7 Languages

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Curation has come into its own during the last six months. The latest research from Fosway ranks it as the number two most successful method of learning during the pandemic. With the rising demand for effective content curation to drive continuous learning and support teams around the world, we’ve been looking at what more we can do here at Anders Pink to support international audiences.

Today we’re launching our new Languages Feature and Multi-Language Curation Bundles to do just that.

Multi-Language Curation: What You Can Do:

For us, the key to effective curation is

  1. Giving users complete control
  2. Ensuring quality and relevance in a business context
  3. Making it simple to get to great content quickly

Our new languages feature takes all of these principles into account.

1. Complete control in multiple languages

You can now create a briefing (a feed of content from around the web) in multiple languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

With many more to follow.

You do this by

  • Choosing the language you want to curate in
  • Entering topics and keywords in that language you want to include or exclude
  • Optionally, specifying the particular sites and sources you want to curate from (or use our predefined list of quality sites and sources)

Here’s a video showing how to do it for a French briefing:

It’ll update every few hours with fresh content, just like our English language briefings.

So now you can serve multiple audiences in your organisation with high quality curated content, within your Learning Platforms, Apps and workflow.

2. Quality and relevance: the best sites in each language, carefully chosen for you

We all know that quantity is not the issue when it comes to finding and curating content – quality is the challenge. This is true in any language. So in building this feature, we’ve baked quality in.

We’ve carefully selected a range of top quality sites and sources in each language working with experts in each territory. So by default you’ll see business focused content in your target language from a select range of sites. This helps you get to relevant content faster.

Of course, you’re in control – you can add or remove sites and sources, so if you have your preferred domains, these are easy to add.

3. Making it simple to get started: Multi-Language Curated Bundles

As we’ve mentioned, you can create a custom briefing on absolutely any topic using our new language features. But we also know that sometimes you just want to pick a topic and get started even faster.

That’s what our Multi-Language Curated Bundles help you to do.

We’ve created over 150 predefined briefings on the most popular topics across Anders Pink, and in the learning and development space, including:

  • Leadership and management
  • Sales and marketing
  • HR and L&D topics
  • Technical skills
  • Compliance
  • Business and strategy
  • Personal development
  • Living and working well in the “New Normal”
  • Top Ranked in-demand Skills by LinkedIn and The World Economic Forum

In each of these bundles there are 20+ briefings. Each is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish.

You can use these predefined briefings out of the box and immediately get high quality curated content from selected business sources in each language. Or you can customise them for your particular needs. You can find out more about our bundles here.

We’re delighted to broaden the depth, reach and quality of curation for all our users across these languages.

To trial any of our language features or bundles, just get in touch.