The New Learning Ecosystem, And How Curated Content Powers it: Webinar with Xtractor and Scania [Recording]

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The phrase “Learning Ecosystem” is making its way into a lot of the conversations we’re in with learning professionals at the moment. But what does it really mean, and what do clients want in their ecosystem? And what does content curation have to do with it? What are the practical experiences of major organisations curating content?

We tackled these and more questions in a recent webinar with our new partners, Xtractor, and one of our Anders Pink clients, Scania.

Xtractor (part of the Semcon Group) is a leading learning provider in Sweden, and a Totara Platinum Partner. We’re delighted to be partnering with Xtractor to help them provide their clients with content curation as part of their Learning Ecosystem, including Totara. In this webinar we together explored

  • What is within the ideal learning ecosystem?
  • What is the role of content curation and continuous learning?
  • What steps can you take to curate content, within your learning ecosystem?
  • What does it look like in practice?

And for a great example of curation in practice:

Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions, operating in over 100 countries. Lars Kjellander, Learning Expertise at Scania Academy is a longstanding advocate of powering the business owners within Scania to curate content and keep their teams up to date on the topics that matter.

We were delighted to have Lars join us for the webinar to share Scania’s experience using Anders Pink to drive a continuous learning culture, embedding curated content into a range of their business and learning portals. He shared

  • The drivers that attracted Scania to curated content
  • How Scania empowered business owners to take control of curation for their areas
  • How Covid-19 accelerated the need for a high-impact learning culture, fuelled by curated, contextualised content
  • Examples of how curation, learning playlists and social learning work in practice within Scania

You can watch the webinar recording here (Lars and the Scania case study starts at 34 mins):

Xtractor has a great offer for its clients who are embarking on content curation, with a set of pre-defined briefings (powered by Anders Pink) available in Swedish and English for free for 3 months. Get in Touch with Xtractor to find out more.

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