Owning your Own Future of Work: Making Continuous Learning your New Habit [Webinar Recording]

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Your Mac (tell me you use a Mac) does it with alarming regularity. Your PC (it’s fine if you use one) does it too. So why can’t you?

Upgrading your Internal Operating System was the theme of a series of webinars run by Paul Kurchina at the American SAP User Group (ASUG) recently. Paul has long shared his insights on how work and learning are changing, and for this set of webinars he curated a wide range of speakers to weigh in on the topic of what we need to do as individuals, and teams, to reinvent ourselves right now.

It’s  a great topic, and Paul and his guests approached it from every angle – our personal mindsets, the skills we need to build, and the tools and techniques to help us all.

We were delighted to take part in one of the sessions. Ours was all about Owning Your Own Future at Work – And Why Continuous Learning is the new habit your need to develop.

We shared our insights on

  • Why the world is facing a reskilling emergency
  • What skills and jobs will matter in the next 10 years
  • What we all need to do about reinventing ourselves for the future of work
  • The power of continuous learning as your new habit
  • How to take control of your learning with good curation skills
  • Practical steps for getting started.

And for the many SAP users in attendance, we showed how you can curate content (via Anders Pink) inside the SAP Ecosystem, including SAP Success Factors and SAP JAM. Get in touch with our SAP Partner TalenTeam to find out more.

We were in great company on this session, with

Jay Palter, who shared his insights on (Re-) Building Your Most Important Business Asset: Your Social Network

Harold Jarche, who took us through the power of Personal Knowledge Mastery – Seeking, Sensing and Sharing. Harold’s a great friend of Anders Pink and we love the seek / sense / share model.

You can watch the recording of all of us here (we’re up first, but hang around for Jay and Harold too!):


We’d really recommend checking out all of the video recordings from the week of Personal Reinvention that Paul put together. It’s packed with useful insights.

You can see all the videos from the sessions here 

And do follow Paul Kurchina on LinkedIn  – he’s a great curator. Let him help you upgrade your Internal OS with his insights.