L&D during Lockdown, LinkedIn Learnings, Homeschool Report: Your Curated Round-Up

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Learning Professionals are under a lot of pressure right now to deliver with limited resources and lots of competing demands on learners’ attention. And we include parents in that category who are limping through the final leg of homeschooling in that category. In our curated round up, we share some insights on what’s working for others, how digital learning is having a moment, and how you can drive a professional reskilling programme with less effort, and how to upgrade your own personal operating system  (caution: may not work at home. Check with a kid before attempting).

What Did You Do During the Reskilling Emergency?

You can characterise the experiences of the last several months in numerous depressing ways. Not to be outdone, the World Economic Forum has said we are now in a reskilling emergency. As jobs are transformed by technology, the world’s economies will need to reskill more than 1 billion people by 2030, they noted. And to be fair, they were saying this in January, before the jobs and skills market got a lot more challenging. What jobs will matter and what should be the response of government, education and business? Their report is a great read.

Personalised Learning Recommendations: It’s the new Blended

If you want to deliver effective reskilling programmes, you should be thinking about how best to personalise the digital learning experience for learners. Ok so it’s been around as a concept for quite some time. But thanks to AI (what else) personalisation in learning is getting real. At least according to LinkedIn’s latest Workplace Learning Report. Published earlier in June, the report has a range of insights on how L&D professionals are dealing with reskilling and upskilling programmes, what learners actually want, and how to give it to them (spoiler: they want personalised recommendations and not more courses). The report’s a must-read for L&D pros.

TL, DR x 2 for LinkedIn and World Economic Forum reports? Read our takeaway on both reports in our post on how to handle reskilling effectively here.

L&D During Lockdown: More Video, More Curated Content, More Demand for Digital

Learning Professionals who have long been pushing for an increased use of digital learning in their organisations may look back at this time and say this is when digital learning became a necessity. The latest research from Fosway certainly points to a change in attitude towards digital learning in response to Covid-19. 82% of L&D professionals surveyed said that demand for digital learning has increased from senior stakeholders, whilst 71% have experienced an increased demand for digital learning content from learners themselves. What forms of learning are landing the best right now? Video content, curated content, and mobile learning top the list. Augmented reality and Virtual reality are at the bottom – their time will come, but we’re guessing actual reality is more than most people can deal with right now. Traditional elearning and blended courses are on the wane too – seems people need things a little more immediate, at the speed of business change right now.

Learning in the Flow of work is also just becoming normal: 84% of L&D leaders think it is more important to integrate digital learning into other corporate platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack and similar tools. This certainly fits with what we’re hearing – and we’re here to help on curation and integration into any platform.

Take a look at the research from Fosway, a great way to quickly benchmark your response to Covid-19 against what other learning professionals are doing.

Reinventing your Personal Operating System: Curated Set of Video Webinars

Upgrading your Internal Operating System was the theme of a series of webinars run by Paul Kurchina at the American SAP User Group (ASUG) recently. Paul has long shared his insights on how work and learning are changing, and for this set of webinars he curated a wide range of speakers to weigh in on the topic of what we need to do as individuals, and teams, to reinvent ourselves right now. We were delighted to take part alongside Harold Jarche and many other great experts in knowledge, learning and development. Check out all the videos from the sessions here
(Yes they’re videos. Yes, they’re curated, Yes they’re mobile. We do eat our own dog food here at AP.)

Homeschool is (Nearly) Out: What Did You Learn?

For those of you who have stepped into part-teacher mode between Zoom calls and lots of wonderful creative art projects with your kids (yeah, we tried that for 5 minutes in March too): good news. Home School is very nearly out. Before you throw the Google Classroom logins on the barbecue, ask yourself: During this strange time, what did you learn about your kids, yourself and what learning really means? We liked this personal take from Robyn Scott on 10 Lifelong Lessons from Homeschooling.
Key takeaways: boredom isn’t bad. It’s a sign to do something different. Also, don’t care what anyone else is doing – we’re all just about surviving. And, not to paraphrase Captain Kirk or indeed Donald Rumsfeld: The unknown is more interesting than the known – don’t get boxed in by the curriculum. Well worth a read for these and many other great insights. Which let’s hope we don’t need in September.

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