Reskilling for The Future, L&D Getting Out of The Way, Working from Mars: Your AP Round-up

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It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the Future of Work, if you’ll allow us to gently paraphrase Niels Bohr. The only certainty about the future of work and learning seems to be there’s a lot of people writing about it. We’ve used our own tool to curate and try and make sense of some of the more apt pieces on these topics this month:

Owning The Future of Work: Double Down on Skills

The Future of Work arrived with Covid-19, whether we were ready for it or not. So where do we go from here? As economies tentatively start to re-open, what should be done to support people displaced? The World Economic Forum sets out 5 steps for resetting labour markets to drive recovery. At the core of them is a double-down on reskilling and upskilling. We can expect to see a sharp rise in demand for digital skills, but also the core human skills that matter more than ever: empathy, creativity, and ability to collaborate in new ways. Good insights in this piece on how we can ‘build back better.’


Future of L&D: Get Out of the Way?

L&D of course needs to create its own future. What needs to change? The past several weeks have shown that professionals working remotely are more than capable of finding their own new ways of working and learning. Mike Bedford writing in TrainingZone makes a strong case for how L&D should fight for its future – following people’s lead: “Largely we just need to facilitate, curate, enable and get out of the way. Our greatest accomplishments as learning professionals in the post Covid-19 world will be building learning cultures that are underpinned by collaboration, sharing, purpose and autonomy.” Great read for L&D professionals on how owning the future can mean letting go of control.


How to Keep Learning Alive in a Virtual World  – Insights from HBR 

“Forget Learning – we have bigger problems”. You could be forgiven for having this reaction at the moment if you’re a business leader. But, HBR argues this month – that’s a dangerous view to take, if you want to have any future. But you do need to think differently about learning. As they put it  “learning online is a lot more complicated than setting up a Zoom account and continuing business as usual”. You’re going to need a bigger plan than that. They report on how one business school has reinvented their learning model to support both cognitive and emotional sides of learning. A good blueprint to read alongside the TrainingZone article.


Culture Eats Zoom for Breakfast 

We’re all using some mash-up of tools to keep connected right now. By now you have your Zoom/Slack or equivalent stack in place. But – and you may have heard this before –  it’s not (just) about the technology. Are you stepping back to think about the culture you’re creating right now? The culture of your workplace needs to change when the physical space does. Great points in this article on how to create a better culture when we’re all remote. It is not just about calls. We are fully onboard with this quote from George Bernard Shaw: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” The man never warmed to a Friday night Zoom quiz.


How To Work from Mars Effectively During Lockdown 

Finally, a view of very remote working. We’re all trying to find the right rhythms at home while we get our jobs done. If your job is largely based on another planet, you have some additional challenges. We liked this personal insight on how NASA engineers are working remotely to guide the Mars Rover. They’re not so different from the rest of us. Sure, you’re doing cool interplanetary stuff. But you also need to take breaks, feed the kids, bake bread. And reset the router.


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