Webinar Recording: Why Content Curation is the Silver Bullet for Continuous Learning, With THRIVE

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We all need to stay up to speed on the topics that matter to us, every day – that’s what continuous learning means. But how do you make sure the content in your learning platform is relevant, useful and most importantly, solves the problem at the time of need, without a lot of manual effort?

We recently ran a webinar on this very topic with our great partners THRIVE.

We shared:
  • Practical steps to achieve just-in-time learning in the workflow
  • Essential curation skills all learning professionals should adopt
  • The part your learning platform plays and how Anders Pink integrates with THRIVE

You can see the recording here:


Too long? No worries: And here’s a quick overview of how you can curate content using Anders Pink inside THRIVE’s great LXP: