Webinar Recording: How To Make Remote Working Work Better, with LearnAmp

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More than ever we need to support our employees and teams right now. Working from home does not mean that employee engagement and learning should miss a beat.

Our great partner LearnAmp and the team at Anders Pink have a few ideas to help you make remote working work even better.

In our recent webinar, we shared our insights on

Driving engagement remotely and maintain a great employee experience, and keeping up your ELV (Employee Lifetime Value)
Helping people stay connected and productive with continuous learning and collaboration, wherever people are
How to keep your learning fresh with the latest content on the topics that matter: remote working, managing virtual teams, or any topic you want.

We showed how the Anders Pink curation tool and LearnAmp’s LXP seamlessly integrate to make it easier to connect and support your teams with a great learning and employee experience.

And we have a great discount offer for people watching the recording: You’ll need to watch to the end…


See our webinar recording here: