School’s Out, Work’s Changed, Learning is Free: Your AP Curated Round-up for March

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The world looks very different today. For us, there’s one thing that has not changed: We are here to help you stay up to date on the best content from around the web. And there’s a lot of it around right now. You don’t have time to read every article, or horror scroll through your timeline, and it’s probably not good for your mind to even try. So let us do it for you.

We’ve used our own tool (reassuringly) to surface some of the best insights this month on what Covid-19 means for learning, teams and work right now. All of which is happening at home. Find a quiet corner and catch up on what caught our eye this month. 


Resilience Gets Real: How HR Leaders Should Support Their Teams Right Now 

We know many of you work in HR and learning teams. This may be the time when the empathy and listening skills we all work so hard to develop really come into play. Shelley Winters shares 5 ways HR Leaders can help our teams build resilience in an uncertain time. What we really liked about these is that they pull up a level from specific technology and tips, and focus on behaviours to adopt: Offering support when you’re physically separated, being persistent, helping people to maintain their confidence in themselves, and much more. We need tools and tech, but it needs to start with the right behaviours. 


Your Turn to Cook, Kiddo: 10 Ways to Actually Get Work Done While Homeschooling 

You had me at ‘get work done’. For those of us with children, we’re starting to realise what teachers have always known: this schooling business isn’t easy. had a really helpful list of tips this week to help children of all ages get on with distance learning, including: set schedules, teach them practical home economics – i.e. this is how to cook, clean up, and keep the house running, encourage independence and (of course) make tech your friend. One small consolation: at least my kids now know what digital learning is. I’m not sure that makes them any the wiser on what I do when the home office door is closed.  


School’s Out, Forever? How Covid-19 Could Change Education For Good 

At some point the schools will open again. But will education ever be the same again? The World Economic Forum this week shared some insights on how the current situation could reshape how we approach education – shifting towards more useful life skills, changing the role of the educator, bringing technology to the forefront: you could argue these would be positive changes out of a crisis. The children of Millennials will not be ok with how boomers went to school. Extending from these points to what it could mean for face to face training at work – we’d expect to see even more of a shift to digital learning in the workplace. And that workplace can be wherever you want it to be. 


Zoom Boom: How to Make Virtual Meetings Better 

Zoom has had more downloads than TikTok this week (TikTok still gets more use in my house, but that’s my own business). Whether it’s Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or all of them, many of us are settling into the virtual meeting by default right now. There are no shortage of tips for how to make them run smoothly. Here’s a good set of tips from Zapier on how to run effective virtual meetings. We like the first one: Decide if you need a meeting at all. Because sometimes we just need to get on with stuff. 

And if you want a few more tips for effective remote working and virtual meetings, here’s ours. 


Free Stuff: Have Some Learning Content on Us, and many others 

At times like this we feel very lucky at Anders Pink to work in an industry full of good, sharing, supportive people. Our good pal Carl Crisostomo at Saba is definitely one of them. He’s shared a great list of free courses and resources available to help your teams keep learning at home. Delighted to be part of this, along with so many other great companies making their courses and resources available for free right now. 


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