New Feature: Briefing Bundles: Curated Content on 150+ top topics, Ready to Go, in 7 Languages

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New Learning Platform? Nobody wants an Empty Shell 

You know the drill: You’re implementing a new Learning Platform. Lots of effort has gone into the selection process, records migration, implementation, integration with your HR systems, launch…

…but where’s the new content? What’s there for your learners to get stuck into?

You’re not alone. The recent Fosway 9-Grid™ report on Learning Systems notes that over 50% of organisations are planning to increase their spend on Learning Systems in the next 12 months. Given that investment, it’s not surprising that organisations want something in these systems that’s worth seeing. Learning Systems (and suites) on the more progressive side are coming preloaded with content: “Solutions include internal and external marketplaces, access to bundles of content, and free white-labelled connections to curation tools and content suites.”  

We are big believers in ensuring your new (or current) Learning Platform comes preloaded with recent, relevant content so your learners can hit the ground running. 

You can of course create a briefing in Anders Pink on any topic you want – here’s how

It stays up to date with fresh content every few hours, so there’s a constant stream of great content for your audiences.  But now it’s even easier.

Data-Driven Approach to Easy Curation 

Through our work with many clients and partners, we’ve learned two important things about making custom briefings:

  1. Even though making a briefing is easy, and takes about 15 minutes,  you may not always have time to do this on scale initially (though you can always ask us or your partner to do it)
  2. There are patterns of common topics and areas across organisations that suit the idea of a curated briefing very well. 

So we thought we’d try to make an easy thing even easier.

Anders Pink Bundles: Pre-made briefings on 100+ Topics, ready to go 

Our users have made over 40,000 individual briefings on Anders Pink. You don’t need a data science degree to analyse these and see that there are a lot of common areas across these.  Here are the top areas our users have created briefings on:

  1. Leadership and management 
  2. Sales and marketing 
  3. HR and L&D topics 
  4. Technical skills 
  5. Compliance 
  6. Business and strategy 
  7. Personal development
  8. Living and working well in the “New Normal”
  9. Top Ranked in-demand Skills by LinkedIn and The World Economic Forum

Not surprisingly, this maps pretty well to a common set of skills and competencies across a lot of organisations. 

Here’s 100 we made earlier

If you go one level below these common themes, we see a lot of variations on these areas in the briefings that have been made in Anders Pink. For example, when we looked across our database, we saw lots of briefings on the subtopics within leadership and management: managing remote teams, managing high performers, coaching and mentoring, and so on.

So we thought, let’s make some really good briefings that combine the best ideas from a range of them. 

We’ve created about 15 briefings in each of the 9 categories above. The full catalogue is here, and it’s growing all the time. 

Why use Bundled Briefings? 

  1. Ready to go – these can be dropped into your Anders Pink account, or via your integration to your LMS or LXP, and you can use them immediately 
  2. Quality from the start – we’ve invested the time in refining and quality assuring these briefings and selecting the best sources – so you don’t have to.
  3. Customisable – you can use any of these briefings as a baseline and edit it. So for example if you want to use our briefing on High Performing Teams, and edit it so it only includes references to tech teams, or sales teams, or the pharma industry – that’s easy to do. 
  4. Support your key skills: Use these to add to skills areas and assessments in your platform. Briefings mapped against these are then preloaded for them, giving each learner a personalised content feed aligned to their interests.
  5. Constantly updated: These briefings refresh every few hours, so there’s always fresh content in your Learning Platform on these topics. You can assign them for specific audiences, or let people choose which ones they want to follow – that’s all handled via the integration within your platform.
  6. Multi-language: Each bundle briefing is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Swedish. For each language, we’ve carefully chosen the relevant business sources in each region – so they’re specific to where you are.

How are our clients using Bundled Briefings? Here are a few examples.

Giving Learners Choice of Feeds to Follow in Your Platform 

Here’s an example of how an LXP has integrated these bundles. In a simple panel, they let users choose the topics they’re interested in (alongside custom briefings)



Users Choose the topics they’re interested in from the pre-defined briefings list, and then get a combined feed of content, updating every few hours:



They can change topics any time, share useful content with their teams and communities – super easy way to stay up to date.

Supporting Skills Development with Continuous Curated Learning

In this learning platform, users make choices about their role, and the skills they’re looking to develop:






In the background, the platform maps their skills against relevant briefings (from the bundle, and custom ones) to provide each learner with a personalised feed of relevant content:




All of this makes it easy for the user, and the admin – the Anders Pink bundles and briefings are seamlessly integrated.


Niche Topic? No problem 

Of course, even with 100+ pre-defined briefings in these bundles, you’re likely to have a specific curation need for your business, for example 

  • Tracking your clients or competitors 
  • A niche industry topic you want to stay up to speed on 
  • Latest insights from gurus, experts and influencers in your sector 

You can make briefings on any topic you want via Anders Pink and your integration to meet these needs and any others – we just wanted to make it that bit easier to get started with the key topics.

Free Trial of Any Bundle

Get in touch with us for a free trial of any of our bundled briefings, or talk to your Anders Pink partner to get them into your LMS or LXP, Slack, or wherever you want them.