Free Curated Content: Bundle of Feeds on Adjusting to the New Normal

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This “new normal” is anything but. 

If like us you are juggling care of your family, keeping productive and connected with colleagues, and everything else you were doing before, it’s feeling like a challenge. 

We’re all trying to learn how best to move forward. And learning, and sharing how we’re doing, as always is the best approach. We have some free content that may help you. 

We’ve made a bundle of curated feeds on 21 topics to help you survive and thrive at the moment:  

  1. Mental health and wellbeing at work
  2. Employee motivation and engagement for virtual teams
  3. Agile, remote and virtual teams
  4. The Future of Work
  5. News on the Coronavirus from reliable sources
  6. Managing your mental health during Covid-19
  7. Information and guidance on furloughing
  8. Top tips on working from home
  9. Tips on homeschooling while working from home
  10. Build resilience and adapt to change in exceptional circumstances
  11. Work-Life balance
  12. Time management
  13. HMRC and government advice
  14. Strategies for managing virtual teams
  15. Change Management best practices and processes
  16. Tips for effective and collaborative virtual meetings
  17. Staying safe
  18. Learning at home
  19. Your lockdown watch list
  20. Your lockdown reading list
  21. Upcoming webinars from top business sites
  22. Future of Work in-demand Skills
  23. Learning Pathway: Sales Professional

Click on any of the links above to see a preview. 

Here’s a quick tour of how it works:


These feeds bring in the best content from around the web into one place for you. 

They are completely free with any Anders Pink Subscription – for yourself, for your team or for your organisation. 

They update every few hours with fresh content. Use them for yourself, share them with your teams, put them in Slack, MS Teams or your LMS. 

To get access to them, just get in touch.

Any other topic you want a curated feed for? Let us know and we’ll make it for you. 

Stay safe, keep on learning, 

Team Anders Pink