LogicBay and Anders Pink Partner to Power Curation in New Digital Ecosystem for Manufacturing

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We’re delighted to announce a new strategic Partnership with LogicBay to bring fresh and relevant curated content into their new member-based digital ecosystem created for the manufacturing industry.

LogicBay provides technology-enabled solutions that enable manufacturers to build, scale, and optimize their sales channel. LogicBay’s technology suite includes Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Learning Management System (LMS), and FUSE.

FUSE, a member-based digital ecosystem for the manufacturing industry, fosters opportunities for members to connect and collaborate effectively, exchange information, gain immediate access to content & courses and activate new and incremental sources of revenue. The FUSE platform offers a unique and innovative digital environment for all key stakeholders in the manufacturing sector to connect, grow their business, and learn from other members.

By partnering with Anders Pink, channel owners within the FUSE platform can deliver relevant and fresh content to every member of their channel. Practically, upon logging in, FUSE members gain immediate access to a unique list of topic articles, specially curated for the channels they subscribe to. Example topics include, Channel Sales for Manufacturing, Leadership, Inbound Marketing, and Content Marketing for Manufacturing.




“The integration with Anders Pink will allow every FUSE member to experience new learning each time they login and visit a FUSE channel.  With Anders Pink dynamically aggregating content from millions of sources around the web, FUSE channel owners and individual members ALWAYS have immediate access to current and trending resources in one central location. This is significant benefit for all FUSE members”.  — Todd Grant, FUSE Program Director

“We’re delighted partner with LogicBay on their new FUSE platform. One of the challenges we all face is information overload – too much irrelevant content, too little time. We’re partnering to solve this. The Anders Pink integration will curate and deliver high quality, recent and relevant insights from the best of the web directly to channel owners and members within FUSE, so they’re always up to speed on the topics that matter to them and their customers.” –Michelle Hazelton, Anders Pink Managing Director

Find out more about FUSE from LogicBay here: https://www.growwithfuse.com/.


We’ll be sharing more about how we’re collaborating in upcoming posts, and in a webinar in March – more details to follow!