Anders Pink Guide to Learning Technologies 2020


If you’re in learning, and within any reach of London, you know where to be next week. Learning Technologies is the must-do show on every learning professional’s list. 2020 looks like it’s going to be the biggest yet, with over 200 exhibitors and free seminars. You could spend a week there and not take it all in. That’s not an option, as it only runs for Wednesday and Thursday. So it’s time to curate your choices. Let us help you. Here’s a few tips to make the most of your visit. 

5 Ways to Get The Most from Learning Technologies 2020

It can also be a pretty daunting experience if you don’t go in with a gameplan. So here are a few tips from us to get the most from the show, and some bonus completely objective suggestions on where to meet us and our Anders Pink partners in the glittering learning parade.

1. Make a list of your must-see seminars 

The free exhibition seminars are great if you don’t have a conference pass. Check them out here. Lots of companies will showcase new products and innovations in these slots. If there’s a tool or solution you’re interested in getting a focused 30 minute demo of, these are really useful. Also look out for case study seminars, especially ones with a co-presentation from a client. Great to hear from vendors – even better to hear from their clients.

2. Hit up the hashtag, fix your meet-ups

The official hashtag is . It’s as valuable as the conversations on the floor. Use it to ask for recommendations, arrange meetings and get the lowdown on the coffee queues. Keep an eye on the roving Twitter backchannel reporters for insights from conferences or opportunities to meet up with people. Lots of people that you want to meet will not be on the stands. They’ll be there to meet up with you, and there’s plenty of breakout space to do just that. Catch us as we move at some pace down the aisles: We’ll slow down for you. We’re on  @anderspink or @stephentwalsh

3. Plan your visit, have your hitlist

Serendipity is good. But time will be against you at Learning Technologies. Rather than wander the aisles, choose your must-see exhibitors and seminars. Stick them in your calendar. Organise your time around the companies and talks you know you want to see. Take a look at their sites if they’re new to you – many will be, and make the time to look at the emerging players as well as the established ones of course. Many exhibitors will have an option on their site to fix a meeting, or just mail them to ask for a slot. Use it as a way to efficiently speed date and get answers to your questions. Having exhibited many times, I can tell you that’s what vendors want – come to them with something on your mind. Asking “So what do you do” is not a great use of your time. Know what they do, and know what you want to ask to find out what they could do for you.

And if you’re not sure where to start – get some perspective by asking people who have an overview of the market and can share some independent perspective. The Fosway Analyst lounge at stand P40 is a great place to go for this, and if you can get into the conference, you’ll find plenty of experts and advisors up there to give you a good steer. We at Anders Pink get to talk to, and work with, a large range of companies in the market – so do ask us who’s up to what.

Speaking of questions:

4. Get Briefed and bring your big questions

Think of Learning Technologies as a free consultancy opportunity for you. That means arriving with questions you want the answer to.

  • What’s the one thing you most want to change about learning and performance in your business in 2020? If you had to come away with a solution from the show, what questions would you ask? Go straight in with those. Pitch your challenge at the stands. You’ll know very quickly if the person you’re talking to has an answer that could work for you. And if not – respect both of your time, and move along.
  • Are you looking for a new platform, tool or app? What do you need it to do? Is it replacing something, if so what does it need to do different or better than what you have today (hint – does it integrate with them?)
  • Are you looking for a partner for learning solutions? What are you looking for in them? Ask them for views on trends – can they help separate buzzwords from business focused learning solutions?
  • Are you looking to get a grip on the emerging themes at the show? Have a look at what’s being covered in the conference: The key topics this year are personalisation, learning ecosystems, Artificial Intelligence, learning culture, workplace learning. We should (by now) be focusing on the practical application of these ideas in our businesses. So ask exhibitors how do I put these ideas into practice. Ask for case studies and real examples.

Here are two recommendations for your prep:

Fosway 9 Grid Report on Learning Systems:

Fosway’s 9 grid Learning Systems Report always provides a clear view on what’s happening in the market. Usefully this year it’s categorised as

Learning Suites – full service LMS, LXPs and similar
Learning Specialists – those focused on solving a specific challenge: “they unashamedly focus on one area of capability with a disruptive, high-impact agenda.” That’s where you’ll find us in the report – we’re delighted to be there, and even more so to see so many of our Learning Suite partners there too.

I think this distinction is really useful for buyers, and exactly right about Anders Pink. We are not an LMS or an LXP. We are focused on curation. We plug in seamlessly to the LMS or LXP, and make it easier and more efficient to provide personalised and curated content to learners on any topic, from any source, whenever they want it. That’s why we partner Learning suites across the 9 Grid – in every segment. To us, deep integration, offering learners more choice and control, and adding value to the platforms and the ecosystem is very positive disruption.

Daily updated Briefing on Learning Technology:

Ok, so you’d expect a company that focuses on daily curated insights to put their money where their curation tool is, so  If you want to get a briefing on these topics ahead of the show (and forever after):

Here’s a daily briefing on the latest in learning technologies from a range of experts and influencers.

It updates every few hours with content focused on the key topics in Learning Technologies from the key players. Something catching your eye? Go and see them at the show.

5. Curate your insights

You’ve heard us say it enough: curation is all about seeking out good quality insights, making sense of them, and sharing them with others. Seen something interesting? Help the rest of us by curating it and sharing your insights. Use the hashtag, write a post aftwards, make a video, share it on social.  There are plenty of people who can’t make the show, inside your organisation and around the world, who are keen to get insights, and are following on social. It also helps focus the mind if you think of yourself as responsible for seeking out insights, making sense of them, and sharing your key takeaways from LT. Work out Loud, as people say.

Where to See Anders Pink in action at LT2020

Our curation tool is plugged into a wide range of leading learning platforms and partners. It’s part of their Learning Ecosystems. We are delighted to support them at Learning Technologies and unabashedly recommend you check them out – not just because we’re partners with them, but because they are all progressive companies who are thinking intelligently about the future of workplace learning (that’s why we’re partners).

Check them out:


B9AED1A-3A23-4067-88CF-E94FDC14F8B6-logo Docebo – Stand K20

Trusted by more than 1,600 companies worldwide, the Docebo Learning Platform brings together the enterprise LMS you need, the social learning experience your learners want, and the power of Artificial Intelligence to make learning your competitive advantage.

Anders Pink is deeply integrated with Docebo, enabling learners to access personalised recommendations from carefully selected sources that map to their interests and career goals. It’s completely free to Docebo users.

Docebo are running 2 seminars that are worth checking out:

The Science of Scalability in Enterprise Learning

Weds 1:15PM – 1:45PM  Theater 8

Understanding scalability and the tools required to make it happen is a necessity of the enterprise learning function. Equipping yourself with the understanding and the technology to mitigate change, while uncovering opportunity, is key to making learning a strategic partner of the business.

Join Docebo for an inside look at the ways you can future-proof your enterprise learning activities by understanding the science of scalability.

Stop Wasting Time and Money Building Learner Interfaces That Don’t Work

Thurs 11:40 AM – 11:55AM  Demo Zone 2

Every organization has different needs when configuring its learning platform to reach its own business goals and the needs of diverse learner audiences. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but maintaining multiple platforms for different audiences just isn’t a realistic, economical or effective option. Join Docebo for a deep dive into Docebo Pages to see how a simple-to-use drag-and-drop functionality can help you optimize learner engagement and participation, while producing more desirable enterprise learning results.


fuse Fuse – Stand J20

Fuse Universal offers customers the most advanced technologies in the market, built to help increase learner engagement and business performance.

Recently named as the #2 learning system for 2020 by Craig Weiss, Fuse Universal helps large and fast-growing companies build a culture of continuous learning and drive measurable improvements in business performance. Fuse’s mobile-first design, social and community features are used by over 120 customers worldwide, including Spotify, Scandic, Vodafone, and Panasonic.

Anders Pink is powering personalised recommendations in Fuse, to help learners stay up to date on a broad range of topics – all at no extra cost.

They’re located at stand J20 at Learning Technologies this year. There will be lots of exciting activities going on at their stand this year, including their exciting giveaway of the Modern L&D toolkit – so check them out. You cannot miss their bright and lively pink stand.

go1 GO1 – Stand L60

GO1 are doing something truly different in the learning market. By aggregating and personalising learning content from a huge range of providers, you get the learning content that you need, combined with the platform to manage your learners and track their progress.Whether it’s personal development, compliance, onboarding or selling courses – GO1 has got you covered with the largest training marketplace in the world.Anders Pink integrates with GO1 Platform to keep learners up to date with recommendations from around the web on the topics they’re interested in. Stay smart and get the best content for your teams.
gp (1) GP Strategies – Stand K01

GP Strategies is an award-winning global provider of customised performance improvement programmes, that strategically align with your unique business objectives.

GP Strategies can offer Anders Pink as part of a range of its blended solutions, learning programmes and platforms.

kallidus Kallidus – Stand F16

Kallidus is an award-winning provider of learning, performance, 360, recruitment and talent management technologies, bespoke e-learning and consultancy.Kallidus Learn is a modern learning platform designed to make learning simple, fast and effective. Talk to the Kallidus team to see how you can bring fresh content into Kallidus Learn with an Anders Pink integration.
Kineo – Stand E10

Kineo help’s the world’s leading businesses improve performance through learning and technology. Whether you’re looking for innovative digital learning content, a first-rate learning platform, off the shelf courses or expert advice about shaping your L&D strategy – Kineo can help.

Kineo have integrated Anders Pink with their Totara learning platform solutions so you can ensure your LMS supports continuous learning and delivers fresh, relevant content every day.

Kineo is focused on delivering impact and results through the Kineo experience, with solutions made to measure and designed for impact. Come visit their stand and book a session with one of the team – from a brief encounter you will have a great conversation. They’re running three seminars, check the programme and make time for these.

 learningpool Learning Pool – Stand D20

Learning Pool offer a complete learning technologies service to over 750 organisations and 2 million learners across 21 countries. They’re a Totara Platinum Partner, with over 380 Totara customers. Anders Pink integrates into Learning Pool’s Totara platform, bringing recent and relevant content to learners everywhere.

They acquired HT2 labs last year and this combination is bringing some very interesting things to the market. Come and check out Stream, their intuitive and powerful LXP. Anders Pink brings content from around the web into Stream LXP – come and see this brand new integration on their stand.

And while you are there, check out Flo V2, Learning Pool’s chatbot – see how you can take quick assessments via a chatbot interface, without ever visiting the content or learning platform. And, of course, the same interface can surface search results from your LXP, including any AP content you’ve curated into your Stream. That’s right, a bot will curate for you. You have to come and see it.

 le logo new Logic Earth – Stand L50

Logic Earth supports L&D professionals with tools, enterprise content and consultancy to drive business improvement. An innovative and fast growing solutions provider who are worth checking out.

Logic Earth use the Netex Learning Cloud Platform in conjunction with their own solutions to bring curated content via Anders Pink.

learnamp_logo_2018_dark Learn Amp – Stand F68

Learn Amp has taken its award winning LXP and LMS functionality to the next level by launching an all in one Employee Experience Platform to make work life, work better and drive Employee Lifetime Value (ELV).

Combining the three areas of the employee journey that matter most to developing and retaining talent; Learning, Employee Engagement and Performance Development, the platform demonstrates how each area impacts on the other, and unlike other fragmented solutions, provides an all in one suite of tools.

A key factor in delivering the ultimate Employee Experience are strategic partnerships that make up the Learn Amp ecosystem which includes the partnership with Anders Pink, delivering high quality and timely content from great sites and sources at point of need for the learner.

Come meet Anders Pink at the Learn Amp stand to find out more about this great partnership and what it can do for you.

moodle-logo Moodle – Stand N60

Moodle is a leading open source Learning Management System, used the world over to support educators and businesses.

It’s highly flexible and has a range of plugins  – including our Anders Pink plugin, which brings curated and trending content into the heart of the LMS.

NetexLogoBIG-BLUE-300x113 Netex – Stand E50

Netex brings innovative learning technologies to companies and publishers. Their learningCloud provides a consumer-grade, digital learning experience in browser or native app format and includes elements such as gamification, collaboration (forum and live chat) to deliver truly immersive training programs. Our complementary authoring environment, contentCloud combines authoring, storage, analytics and integration with learningCloud, which allows clients to create, publish and update eLearning content with ease.

Anders Pink is now available in the Netex Learning Cloud. Learners can curate content on any topic and get fresh, relevant content every day. Come and see the launch of Anders Pink in Learning Cloud at the Netex stand.


The Charity Learning Consortium – stand P24

The Charity Learning Consortium provides affordable eLearning solutions to charities, not for profits and the third sector.

Moodle solutions from Charity Learning Consortium are powered by Anders Pink.

Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 19.42.36

Think Learning  – Stand L35

Think Learning empowers organisations to create safer and better places to work through the implementation of Totara Learn, a fully featured Learning Management System.

Anders Pink integrates with Totara LMS, and can be customised and supported by Think Learning.

logo black tag@2x (1) Thrive  – Stand H20

THRIVE empowers businesses to build a better learning experience. The THRIVE Learning Experience Platform provides organisations with an opportunity to modernise their learning delivery. Step into a collaborative learning ecosystem powered with next-gen technology, personalisation, data and modern learning design to transform learning cultures. It includes content curation using Anders Pink as standard.

They’re running three seminars, put them on your list:

  • Day 1: LMS to LXP – Essential steps to transform workplace learning with Dani Hamilton  (Theatre 6 | Day 1 | 2PM)
  • Day 2: How to build a learning content strategy from scratch with Emma Layton, our Chief Content Officer and Phil Dyas, Customer Success Manager (Theatre 5 | Day 2 | 12:30pm)
  • Day 2: Embedding a learning culture (Conference) – Kristina Tsiriotakis, Global Director of L&D for one of our clients DECIEM is joining Nigel Paine for the closing session of the conference, discussing how they’ve transformed learning with the help of THRIVE.

Come and see the THRIVE team – they tell us you can expect prosecco, prizes and a demo cinema. How could you not….

unicorn Unicorn Training Group – Stand F20

Unicorn (now part of the Access Group) is an industry-leading provider of digital learning – offering everything from custom content services to learning games and app development.

Unicorn’s Minds-i app is a great way to reinforce learning. It is accessible microlearning that makes sure you keep learning every day. Anders Pink powers the trending content of this exciting app.


Totara – Multiple Partner Stands

Totara is transforming learning with its world-class open source Totara Learn platform.

Totara Learn enables you to deliver learning effectively through individual learning plans which reflect your employees’ roles, training needs and objectives. Totara provides a functionally rich learning platform which can be implemented quickly and at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

Anders Pink has developed a plug-in for Totara Learn which enables you to display curated content inside the platform, updating every few hours to keep your platform fresh and support continuous learning.

Any Totara partner can plug it in for you, and there are a lucky 13 Totara Partners at LT2020:

  • Accipio (M70)

  • BuildEmpire (E62)

  • Chambury Learning Solutions (P12)

  • Engage in Learning (E05)

  • Think Learning (L35)

  • MediaTouch (C40)

  • eThink Education (M75)

  • Synergy Learning (M65)

  • Learning Pool (D20)

  • Kineo (E10)

  • GP Strategies (K01)

  • (J01)

  • Wahoo Learning (F65)

Check out all the seminars that the Totara team and Partners are running at the Learning Technologies.

Plenty more partners coming soon:

We may be biased but it’s probably the most important question to ask of your current – or next – learning partner: What is your approach to personalised, curated content and recommendations? Ask them what’s on their roadmap. There’s a good chance it’s a partnership with us. And if it isn’t, of course ask them why not… 

We’re working with many more partners who are busy plugging Anders Pink into their learning platforms, apps and solutions right now.
We can’t wait to make some very big announcements to add to the great list of partners above, and we have even more partners listed here.

Want to join the Anders Pink Posse?

The leading learning platforms and solutions are powered by Anders Pink.
If you want to find out more about how we power platforms in your business through partnership or client integration – just get in touch, we’d love to talk with you at LT – or any time.

Let’s meet up at Learning Technologies:

Want to meet us at LT? We’ll be supporting our great partners on their stands, having all sorts of meet-ups and we’ll also be around to treat you to a coffee (other beverages are available, we hear) and catch up.

Just get in touch and we’ll fix a meeting at the show, or tweet us @anderspink when you’re there.

Have a great Learning Technologies 2020– it’s going to be huge…