Why Curation Matters and How to Curate in Totara [webinar recording]

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You want to give your learners freedom to learn on their terms. That means enabling them to tap into trending content from around the web on the topics they care about.

That’s what curation is all about really: going beyond formal course-based learning to ensure your Learning Platform stays open, relevant and up to date.

Totara Learn is a great platform for doing just this.  It’s all about giving you freedom to learn. This leading LMS supports millions of learners in clients including Pepsico, EasyJet, Sony, Samsung and many more. And it’s open source which means you or any of its 90 partners can customise and extend the platform, so you get exactly the experience you want. It also means it’s easy to create plugins that extend its functionality and value.

Totara and Anders Pink have worked together to create a curation plugin for Totara. Our plugin helps you to curate content from any site, source or topic and display it within Totara, no coding required.

So why does this matter, and how do you use it in practice?

We recently ran a webinar diving into those questions and showing how to curate content from around the web, and plug it directly into Totara. Here’s a video of that session:


We included examples from Totara clients already bringing recent and relevant recommended content from around the web into their platforms via the plugin, including

  • Cat Marine
  • AG Barr
  • Mitchells and Butlers
  • Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
  • Hitachi Rail Europe

What benefits is content curation delivering for them? It’s saving them time and engaging their learners in a fresh way.

Mitchells and Butlers say:

“Having up to date, relevant articles on specific topics has heightened our learner experience, and has allowed us to create truly blended learning courses.”

Hitachi Rail say:

“Anders Pink can help us source content for us as part of our blend. It can form part of our normal resources in support of a learning topic, embedded directly into our Learning Platform. Because of the types of content that can be curated – such as tips or case studies, it can also provide the real life applications that can help colleagues embed learning and provide ideas which will lead to behavioural change. Through this we can encourage a cultural change where learning is something you can do for 5-10 minutes a day to help us turn into a learning organisation.”

Using Totara? Want to start curating great content in your Totara on any topic? Our plugin is available for any Totara client.

Get more for less with Totara and Anders Pink. Just ask your partner, or get in touch.