Jeanne Meister on how AI is changing HR, Learning and Employee Experience [Podcast]


Jeanne Meister has been shaping how we think about corporate workplace learning for over 20 years. When I started in this industry, Jeanne’s writing was one of my go-to sources, and I’ve never stopped learning from her.  She’s a partner at Future Workplace, with years of experience advising global companies on how to future-proof HR, she’s published numerous books on HR and learning in the workplace, and is a regular contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review.

Along with her team at Future Workplace, she’s now an Anders Pink partner too – and we were thrilled to catch up with her recently to talk about her recent work on Artificial Intelligence and how it’s transforming HR and Learning.

We talked about

  • What’s the of learning in the workplace: What needs to change? What do companies need to stop, start and keep on doing?
  • How do we move from courses and libraries to a more curated and personalised experience? How does technology and AI help us?
  • What can AI mean for HR and Learning Professionals? How can it change learning, onboarding and recruitment? How to get started with AI?
  • What are companies like GE, Hilton and IBM doing with AI for HR, learning and performance?
  • What are the new skillsets for HR and Learning Professionals?Here’s our podcast:

Keep learning from Jeanne:

Jeanne knows a lot about AI, Learning, curation and continuous learning. And if you want to catch up and stay up to date on these topics, in particular AI:

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