How To Drive LMS Engagement With Curation [Elearning Network Webinar Recording]

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How to you drive people to your learning platform, and keep them engaged? Content curation is one way. We were thrilled to run a webinar session for the great team at Elearning Network on this topic a few weeks back. Here’s the recording if you missed it.

Like to jump around? Please do…key points we chatted through:

  • What’s the state of the LMS market now? (1.33)
  • Why does continuous learning in the workflow matter? 2 reasons (3.40)
  • How can content curation help, and how do you curate content for learning? 3 step process (14.10)
  • How can tools (like ours) help you curate and embed in the LMS? (19.02)
  • What does it look like? Examples of content curation from clients and partners (29.00)
  • What’s the future of the LMS and Learning Platform? 3 trends we’re seeing (35.50)

Here’s the video recording. (Gosh, we love Zoom).