Lifelong Learning Stories, Better Curation, Social Selling, Slower Web: Your Friday Briefing


Welcome to the beautiful curation game, pink posse! Whatever your national preference, it’s been quite the World Cup. Before the final whistle goes and football comes to someone’s home, here’s a half-time’s worth of curated content from the sidelines.


obamaThe Economist: Lifelong Career Success means Lifelong Learning

What’s your career goal? (Sorry, typo there. That should be goooooalllllll). Let’s be modest and assume it’s to stay employable. According to the Economist, that means making an investment in lifelong learning. In an article this week, they call out three successful lifelong learners and their habits: Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet. Not a bad club to join. They all do four things (other than ruling their respective roosts): They read voraciously. They see learning opportunities everywhere. They’re reflective. They embrace risk and failure. If you’d like your career to even vaguely resemble any of theirs, says the Economist – spend time learning every day. Good career advice.


filteringIs Content Curation For Learning Is Getting Harder?

In this parish we talk a lot about how to support lifelong and continuous learning with content curation. Easy to say, but it can be hard in practice. We liked this article from the folks at Feathercap on how content curation for learning is getting tricky. The main challenge they call out is signal to noise: there’s a lot of poor quality learning content out there (or made with the best of intentions inside organisations). It takes time to filter and find the best stuff. Some ways to make this easier: Use tools to automate content seeking, and embed into existing platforms to drive use. Which leads us near seamlessly to..


eln bannersmallHow To Drive Engagement in your LMS: Webinar Recording

We’re longstanding fans of the work that Elearning Network do in building a community of L&D professionals in the UK. So we were delighted to run a webinar with ELN a few weeks back on our pet topic: You’ve invested in an LMS or learning platform. What can you do to make it engaging and continuously useful to learners? Here’s a video recording of us sharing how curation can help with LMS engagement. Watch and listen to us share some practical examples of curation, completely unaware that one of us had way too much hair gel going on. Always camera ready here at Pink HQ.  If only VAR was in use when we recorded this.


social (3)Social Selling in 60 Minutes

If you want to engage prospects and grow your business, you need to build your social selling game. If you’re new to social selling, worry not: it’s very simple. Listen to your network and prospects. Engage them on social by being helpful and adding value (curated content is a key part of that).  And lead with their needs for insight, not your need to sell. Ok, there’s a little more to it than that. But if you can carve out just an hour for it, you’ll see results. Useful insights here from Shaye Smith on social selling in 60 minutes.


slow webAll too much? Try the Slow Web

Curation, continuous learning and social selling are all about pushing forward and staying ahead of the pack. But sometimes, well, maybe you want to slow down. Wired share a view this week on the comfort of the slow web. Don’t worry, this isn’t a return to dial-up. (If you don’t know what dial up is, this is likely your first England World Cup memory too). It’s about taking in content, specifically video content, that’s designed to slow your pace and stop you hopping around. TBH, not sure it’s for us. But if you like to watch 9 hour train journeys, could make for a nice staycation…

When you’re ready to speed up again, let’s grease your wheels with our curation app. Stay on top of any topic in real time. Works on slow trains. Better on bullet trains.