AI and L&D, Legends of Learning, Continuous Learning on the Beach: Friday Briefing

fri baner

Bonjour, Posse de Pink! Pardon our French, but we’re in France – with our great friends and partners Teach on Mars at their Summer University. We had a great event where we all shared thoughts on curation, AI, continuous learning and maybe a glass of vin blanc or too with colleagues and clients. Some curated insights on these hot topics in the even hotter Cote D’Azur…


botAI + L&D = ?

Three quarters of senior decision makers say AI is fundamental to their organisation’s strategy. Some of them have got to be in Learning and HR you’d hope. But what does AI really mean for learning and development? Time is the greater enemy of learning. Can AI help to save us and our learners time on admin tasks that we could better invest in learning? Yes. And that’s just the start of what’s possible. Is it also a threat to traditional training roles? Probably. But so was elearning…Bob Little shares his views on what AI can mean for L&D.


tim4 Tips for Continuous Learning

The Drumbeat of continuous learning gets louder with each week. This time it was the turn of Tim Rahschulte in CLO magazine to beat the stick. He shares a great quote from a lecture by GE’s former CEO at Stanford: “The things you’re learning while you’re here are going to be pretty irrelevant relatively soon.” Ok, not the greatest motivational speech for college students, but as doses of reality go, it’s right on the money (and pretty much what we said at the Teach on Mars Summer University). Tim shares 4 great habits for continuous learning: 1.Stop believing everything you hear. 2. Recognise success is a moving target and be flexible. 3. Be brutally honest with yourself. 4.Adapt a learning mindset on good days and bad days. (Wish he’d spoken at my college. I was just told there’s a recession on and the airport is that way).


legends10 Learning and Productivity Legends

We all want to be legends when it comes to staying productive and learning efficiently. But sometimes you need some inspiration. Like us, you’ve probably had a great teacher or mentor who inspired you to be your best. So we compiled a list of 10 learning and productivity legends, and a tip from each of them. They may not be in the learning profession, but as at least one of them says – you need to be diverse when you’re looking for inspiration. And yes – Tim from the previous curated article should be on this list. It’s just a start, we can go to 11…



starbucksWhy Starbucks is Getting Training Wrong

Speaking of legends, this story of Starbucks and their approach to training is developing its own legendary status. They’ve closed 8,000 stores to provide unconscious bias training because of an incident in a store where 2 black men were denied access to the bathroom. There’s been a number of responses by CLOs and Learning Professionals to this approach. Carol Anderson speaks for many of them here on the Cornerstone Blog  when she says unconscious bias training doesn’t work. You need to do much harder things if you want to address a culture. She sets out what you have to do: Don’t hide behind the scenes, change your worker demographics, find the teachable moments. Good read that’s relevant to all diversity training.


toneOne Sentence, Seven Meanings: It’s All About Tone..

I listened in French and English this week.  Language is one thing (and to hearing me attempt to speak French is something else). Tone is another thing completely. One point to add to any diversity training: How you say things makes a big difference. Interesting take on this in Wired last week. Sharing insights from researchers into speech patterns, they show the power of tone and emphasis through one sentence with seven meanings: “I never said she stole my money”. Try saying it by emphasising only the “I”. And now just the “never”. Fun right? Same seven words, seven sentences with a completely different intent. This is why Podcasts are better than articles…and why audio matters a lot in learning. Vive la difference…


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