Workflow Learning, World Cup Hosting, Content Curating: Your Friday Briefing

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Pardon us Pink Posse. We don’t want to take you out of your workflow. But maybe this is popping up in an email, slack channel or social platform. In which case – get what you need, and get on with whatever you were doing. That’s the way learning is going, according to Josh Bersin. We dig into the latest trends in learning and curation this week. And then take a detour to Russia. Because, World Cup.


josh bersinLearning In The Workflow: Give People What They Want,Where They Want It

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there were very long elearning courses. Now there aren’t. Ok, maybe let Josh Bersin tell a slightly more detailed version of that story. This week he looked back over where corporate learning has come from, and where it’s headed now. He’s a believer that learning has to be in the flow of work. He makes an interesting point on addiction and engagement: We don’t want people “addicted” to the learning platform. We want people to find what they need at the point of need, consume it quickly, and get on with their jobs.


making timeWhat’s The Number One Talent Development Challenge?

Josh picked up on the same point that we did from LinkedIn’s recent workforce development report: The number one challenge is helping people make time for learning. The answer to that is all about how you deliver it, and where. Here’s some thoughts extending on the article above on how to address the problem of no time for learning. Got time to watch a video? Or listen to a podcast? Sure you do…as long as it’s easy to find the right stuff.


udemyWhy L&D Professionals are now Curators: Insights from Udemy

If you track trends in learning, you’ll have picked up on the new cape that learning professionals are being asked to drape around their already burdened shoulders: Curator. But what does it mean to be a curator in reality, and how do you do it effectively for learning? Melissa Suzuno at Udemy tackles these questions with a handy 5 step model for curation in learning. There’s probably a course for that. With curated content, naturally…


Stella collinsHow To Create Brain Friendly Learning

Whether you’re curating content or creating more immersive learning experiences (ideally both), you need to ensure it sticks in the brain and helps people to achieve their goals. Stella Collins has talked extensively on this, and in a video with our friends at Elucidat, she shares her approach to making learning that sticks: LEARNS. That’s the acronym. Watch the video to find out what it stands for. Good chance this will stick.


world cupIs Hosting the World Cup a Good Idea?

Ok, this isn’t about learning or curation. But sometimes you have to cast the net a little wider to get to your goals. And speaking of nets and goals (even by our standards, we really have overworked this): World Cup next week! Russia’s hosting. Is that a good idea for a country? World Economic Forum conducts a fascinating analysis of the economic costs and benefits of hosting the World Cup. There’s useful insight here on decision making and whether your heart should rule your head. Especially if you’re a nation state, or Lionel Messi. Which you might well be, in the privacy of your own mind.

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