Internet Trends, Social Selling vs Cold Calling, George W Bush on Lifelong Learning: Your Friday Briefing


Well hello Pink Posse. What time is it? It’s Internet Trends time. We know you like to stay on top of all things learning, tech and social selling. Time’s passing, trends are coming at us, So let’s get straight into a full on curation session:

Drop everything: It’s Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report is the annual must read on where the tech world we all live in is headed. All 300+ slides are fascinating. Some key insights that stand out for us:

  • Lifelong Learning – Freelancers are better than employees: 55% of freelancers did some form of skills-related training in the last 6 months, compared to only 30% of employees. While It makes sense that freelancers have more motivation to stay relevant and employable, the rise of the on-demand economy means they pose a threat to the full-time employee.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 12.03.53

  • MOOCs and self directed learning on the rise matter: Coursera’s rise in uptake shows that lifelong and continuous learning matter. The top 3 topics are a good indicator of where the new skillsets are: Machine Learning, Neural Networks and in a meta-moment, learning how to learn:

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 12.03.23

  • APIs are eating the Internet: Integrating applications via API is the new standard for software, with Stripe’s API powering payments almost everywhere.
  • Amazon is eating search: 70% of product searches start on Amazon. If you’re selling something and it’s not on Amazon, it didn’t happen. Sorry Google.

We’ll be going into way more detail than is probably healthy on Mary’s report in a separate post. But if you read one report this year  – well you should probably read more, but do read this one.


natalieWill Content Curation Eat Content Creation in Learning?

Short answer: this internet trend is probably not going to be completely the case (and we wouldn’t want it to).  But curation provides a way to complement formal courses, keeping them fresh and relevant. It also helps to engage learners and keep them coming back for fresh insights. These points and more in a well argued piece by Natalie Richardson in Training Industry this week where she asks whether curation will kill creation. No courses were harmed in the writing of this post. Well, some were contextualised better. But that’s no harm at all.


Anne WicksLessons in Continuous Learning, From George W Bush

Pretty sure this is a first for the Friday Briefing: A word from the W. You’ve got to be broad when you cast your curation net, and we liked what Anne Wicks, Director of Education Reform at the George W Bush Institute said this week about lifelong learning: “The ability to adapt must become a must-have skill instead of a nice-to-have skill.  Learning is like breathing.”

Great points in here about starting that habit in school and building it through professional life. Maybe she should run for office…


social vs coldSocial Selling vs Cold Calling: Fight! Fight! Fight!

We don’t endorse violence when it comes to curation vs creation. But cold calling vs social selling? Bring it on. Two heavyweights of the sales world weighed in and came to (verbal) blows this week. Gabe Larsen’s view: The phone is what matters. Don’t waste your time on social. Mario Martinez: Social selling works. Cold calling is dying. Watch cold calling and social selling gurus go toe to toe in this Webinar – and, respecting democracy, see who their live audience chose as the winner. Who won? Don’t want to spoil it, but they got 100,000 engagements on (um) social networks. So let’s say they both did pretty well. Grab some popcorn and watch the recording (maybe turn the sound down a little, these guys aren’t shy). One takeaway from this bout: whether you’re dialling or sharing on social to engage people – you better have some relevant content and context. Which leads us to… 


How Ecommerce Businesses Can Leverage Social Selling & Curation

VictoriaRunning a successful ecommerce business isn’t just about having the best products; it’s also about creating the most engaging story around your brand and the goods you sell. And what better way to do that than by making the most of social selling and curation? Victoria Greene explains why and how curation can help your ecommerce business in a guest post for us this week. Thanks Victoria!



Fight the good curation fight and keep on learning on any topic with our free curation tool. It won’t hurt you. But let me know if it does and we’ll dial down the machine learning.