Chatbots, Video and Learning, oh AI: Your Friday Briefing


Hello Posse. Let’s chat. And bots. And chatbots. And how to floss. And why videos and courses aren’t always the best option for learning. Because these are the things that matter this week. Well, to us anyway, so indulge us as we round up the usual curation suspects…


AIAI, Automation and The Future of Work: 10 Things to Solve for

It’s not news anymore: AI is going to disrupt every sector and change how we work. Changes bring challenges, and McKinsey recent published an in-depth consideration of how AI is going to change work, and 10 things we need to solve for. Great read for anyone who wants to work – and play – nicely with machines. On their top 10 to-do’s: change how we learn. “A new emphasis is needed on creativity, critical and systems thinking, and adaptive and life-long learning. There will need to be solutions at scale.” True that.


chatbotTo Siri With Love: How Chatbots will Change Learning

AI-powered chatbots are already changing how we interact. What’s their role in learning and education? Are learners comfortable talking to bots? Can they be as friendly and efficient as real tutors? Or could they actually be better? Our good friend Donald Clark asked himself (and probably Alexa, Siri and a few others) these questions. Here’s his take on how chatbots can help to scale social learning, and be our new best friends. Our partners at Learning Pool are doing some very interesting work on chatbots for learning – have a look at Otto.


trainingContinuous Learning Doesn’t Mean Training all the time

Yes we know, we do like to go on and on about continuous learning (all puns intended) – but we’re not the only ones. Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report from last week showed how learning technology is ramping up to support lifelong learning. But lifelong and continuous learning doesn’t mean doing more courses. It’s more fluid than that. Jane Hart picks up on this point. Her recent survey showed that learners value web resources and collaboration much more than elearning or classroom courses. So make sure you give learners what they really want to help them continuously learn.


flossWhy Learning by Watching Videos Doesn’t Really Work

How good is your flossing? Not the dental practice. You’re no doubt excellent at that. The Fortnite kind of flossing. I have watched a lot of flossing videos. Still can’t do it. There’s a reason (yep, zero rhythm, but not that reason). Interesting article in HBR recently on why watching an expert do something makes you think you can do it. Which you probably can not. And now you’re overly confident. Cue potential epic fail video. Nothing new in the idea that learning by doing is the best way to master anything, but this is a useful counterpoint to user generated videos. You still have to put it into practice, ideally before watching. Will keep working on the floss and keep you updated. Because we don’t want you to worry.


sellingHow to Challenge Clients Without Sounding Salesy

You want to convince clients to work with you, stay with you, and grow the relationship (ok that you is us, we don’t mind saying it). But how do you have those conversations without tripping into pushy yucky salesy talk? We like what Corporate Visions had to say in their eBook on how and when to challenge in the client lifecycle. To build a relationship you need to help clients answer these questions: Why Change? Why You? Why Now? Why Pay? Why Stay? Not all at once. Take it slow and build the tempo until everyone is aligned. Also true when flossing.

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