Slowing Down, Saying Less, Saving the LMS, Restarting HR: Your Friday Briefing


This meeting is in session Posse. Your Friday Briefing has assembled and we are ready to testify. We’ve prepared five questions for today’s hearing. But before we get there, ask yourself: Are you going too fast, talking too much, using social media more than you’d like to? Yes, our hands are up too. So actually, let’s just get to it. Because there are some partial curated answers awaiting and this is no time to slow down. Or is it…


snailShould Leaders Slow Down?

Fail faster. Move fast and break things. You know the song already,  you’ve heard it sung by any number of hackathon-fueled gurus. But wait a second. In fact, wait a little longer. Maybe just pause and see if you need to fail at all. McKinsey’s recent review of agility in leadership has a refreshing set of different takes: If you want to go fast, pause and think about where you’re going. Embrace ignorance and be open to learning. And of course, make mistakes and learn from them. Just let go of the need to rush into them.


fosCan Digital HR Deliver The Goods?

Ok, one area that could benefit from speeding up is HR. Research from the always insightful Fosway Group shows that HR is lagging when it comes to delivering a digital experience that matches customer expectations (that’s us, people). The number one reason people join companies is to advance their skills and keep learning. But they’re far from satisfied with what they get – which often starts with a soul-wrenching onboarding experience and goes downhill from there. There’s hope, and potential for change, but the clock’s ticking. Great analysis of the Truth about Digital HR here.


LMSCan You Revive Your Dying LMS?

In the digital learning industry, people have been announcing the death of the LMS for at least a decade. And while some have withered, the concept of a Learning Platform is still very much with us. It’s evolved though. Nice piece from Totara here on how you can breathe some life back into your LMS – the key point in here for us is continuous engagement with fresh and relevant content. People have to want to go there to keep up to speed, not be dragged in against their will because they’ve not done their delicious compliance training.


detoxShould All Social Media Have a Reset Button?

Social Media is more dead than the LMS: discuss. Or actually, maybe don’t discuss, as you don’t know where your data is going to end up. In the social media backlash of 2018, we’re seeing a lot of people opt for a temporary digital detox or permanent app deletion. But are there less drastic options? Kevin Roose in the New York Times makes a lot of sensible suggestions for saving social media: Redistribute power. Break up the giants into a more federated, connected model. And let all data expire: The big reset button, kind of what Zuck may wish was on the stand with him in Congress this week.


silenceWhat If You Had a No-Talking Day at Work?

Before social media, there was just being social at work: You remember, talking. Which it turns out is still quite popular.  But what it we all just, you know, stayed quiet for a day? That was the workplace experiment described in an article in the World Economic Forum this week: what happens when you have a weekly no-talking day at work. No meetings, no calls, no IM, no email. Just work on your stuff. Did productivity go up? Did customers go crazy? We’re not going to talk about it  – you can read it to find out.

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