Rise of the Robo-Trainer, Tips for Lifelong Learning, Curating for Engagement: Your Friday Briefing

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Happy Robots-Are-Replacing-Your-Job day, Pink Posse! Also known as every day. This week some heartening news for L&D professionals hearing the march of the machines. But you’re not quite off the hook: Playing nicely with the bots is your best survival technique. That, and asking the right questions and learning for life. Let’s nose on over to the curation trough shall we…


roboHello L&D: Yes The Bots Are Coming, But You’re Probably Staying…

Continuing the infinite series of articles heralding the demise of a profession due to automation, Josh Davis writing in Fast Company recently turned his attention to Learning and Development. Robots are not going to run your training sessions yet (which may come as a great disappointment to many). But there is a challenge to corporate L&D – as he put it “Google and YouTube are the de facto training departments for many employees”...and what’s more, “AI can determine what someone needs to learn based on their performance data and career stage, then push content to them as they need it. This leaves many corporate trainers to stake their own value on curation.” Agreed. But as he notes, there are also plenty of things AI can’t do yet – including designing great learning experiences, and supporting transfer from learning into practice. So as long as you keep developing and delivering, there’s hope yet, L&D colleagues…


come backOne Simple Way To Keep Learners Coming Back to your Learning Platform

Automation may be rife in L&D but only humans can get lonely. Which is how some Learning Management Systems managers must feel sometimes. You make a big investment in the platform but people only come visit when they have to on the annual compliance deadline. What can you do to keep them coming back? Turns out content may have something to do with it. Here’s a tip from us on using content differently to drive LMS engagement.


janeHow To Be A Lifelong Learner: Tips from Jane Hart

Whatever role you’re in, L&D most definitely included, you have to keep developing. If you stand still, you’ll just get run over. Probably by a machine. We shared some of our tips for continuous learning last week. Staying with that theme, this week we’re happy to shine the spotlight on our good friend Jane Hart, who has put together a great model for independent lifelong learning this week. You need a steady flow of content from the right people and sources. You need to reflect on it and track what you’re learning. And you need to share it with others. Very nice framework for building that daily learning habit.


catWhy Curiosity Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Staying ever so loosely with lifelong learning: Why do some people make great leaders? How do they stay on top of emerging challenges? What habits do they encourage in others? Good questions. No really, the answer is good questions. Nice piece from Art Petty on how the the 7 great questions leaders ask to encourage different thinking in their teams. Jack Welch used to regularly ask his team “What do you know that is new”? You don’t want to be the person saying “Not much, how about you” in that room.


Heidi CohenHow to Curate for Your Customer, Even If You’re a Team Of One

Curation is not just for internal learning teams of course – marketers have been way ahead in using curated content to build brands and share of voice efficiently. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and resources, and if you don’t have much of either, Heidi Cohen’s guide to content curation for the solopreneur is a great read. Whatever size your sales and marketing team is, there are solid tips in here around gathering, filtering and publishing curated content. We particularly like the idea of curated round-up posts to bring together recent content on a theme. Must try that some time…



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