Latest Trends in Content Sharing, New Metrics for Learning, Better Ways of Remote Working: Your Friday Briefing

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Happy Nobody’s At Work in Europe Friday, Pink Posse! Sure, it’s a little snowy out there. But This curation engine has grit under its wheels and will keen on trucking through any blizzard. This week we bring you fresh research on content trends, pointers for working from home more productively, and a different way to think about finding and developing talent. The slopes can wait, slide through this curated content cresta run first…


trendsSocial Sharing of Content Is Down 50%: New Research

We know a lot of you curate and create content for the purpose of sharing on social and building traffic and presence. But habits have changed. But ff you’re sticking with your content approach from three years ago, it’s now 50% less effective. Our co-founder Steve Rayson reviewed 100 million articles published in 2017.  What’s changed? Social sharing has halved since 2015. Facebook’s no longer driving more traffic to sites than Google. Overused clickbait formats have had their day. However, while some sites have lost two thirds of their social referrals, others have dramatically increased social engagement with their content. Find out who’s winning and losing in social, and what to do about it in this detailed content trends report from our sister company BuzzSumo.


ELTVELTV: Why You Need to Measure it if You’re in HR and L&D

Those of us in HR and learning roles invest a lot in attracting, hiring and onboarding talent. What’s it really worth? Is there a way to measure the return on that investment? Entrepreneur argues there is: ELTV (Employee Lifetime Value). Just when you thought your life was a little light on metrics, here’s a new one. But thinking about the lifetime of the employee’s contribution will help you sharpen your focus on continuous learning and development – to maximise the value, and keep them engaged for longer.


talentLooking for Talent? You May be Looking in All the Wrong Places..

Staying with that talent challenge: Where are you looking for it? Probably not in the right place, says Entrepreneur (they’re on a roll this week). And the results are telling: 54% of small businesses in the US report they’re unable to fill roles. The way to fix that: Look differently, look local, look for skills that will develop over time.


work from homeSnow Day Advisory: How to Collaborate Better If Your Team is Remote

If you’re in the shadow of the Beast from the East this week, chances are you’re working from home. Feeling connected and productive? It’s not always easy. More communication isn’t necessarily the answer. Harvard Business Review this week looks at techniques to help virtual and distributed teams gel better. Tools help, but culture eats them for breakfast. Also, learn your new favourite acronyms: NNTR and 4HR.


pinkWhy Timing’s Everything, and Afternoons Are Not a Good Time:

We’re big fans of Daniel Pink (no relation). His most recent book When tackles the tricksy question of timing. When’s the right time to start a new project, focus on a report, catch up on email, start a new business? Great interview with Daniel Pink at Wharton this week, where he explains why we need to make more conscious choices on when to do what, why all-nighters are a very bad idea and why 3pm is hardly ever a good time to do anything. Except maybe a walk or a nap. See you at 4ish?


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