How Continuous Learning Is Earning, How To Get Hired, How To Stay Relevant: Your Friday Briefing


Ahoy-hoy Pink Posse! You’re talented. You’re on Twitter. You’ve got it all going on. But is there more you could be doing to boost your career, continuously learn, and avoid the fakery? Sure, probably. Some curated serving suggestions follow…


microsftHow To Get Hired At Microsoft: Show You’re a Continuous Learner

You may or may not aspire to join the ranks at Redmond. But if you do, Microsoft’s head of talent has some tips on how to get hired there. So what does Microsoft care about? A lot less about your coding chops than you might think. They want you to show you’re a continuous learner and you stay on top of trends. In Fast Company this week they say “a key cultural attribute at Microsoft is curiosity and openness to learning”. And you need to show it through your LinkedIn profile: “The key to be discovered is to brush up your skills bucket and make sure to highlight projects or career development experiences that showcase your continual learning on the job.” Aptitude matters more than your current skillset. So if you want to rub shoulders with Satya, learn something new every day. How exactly? Well thank you for that segue kind reader…


loopContinuous Learning in Reality: Podcast Interview

Continuous learning are nice words, but how do you make it a reality in the workplace? Is it down to the individual or the job of the L&D team? Both and more. The key is providing choice, allowing people to personalise their learning experience, create a culture that sees learning as a continuous activity rather than fixed events, curating relevant content and delivering it at point of need. These insights and more in a great interview on continuous learning from our friends at Sprout Labs with JD Dillon this week.


bitcoin10 Skills That That Earn Top Dollar in the Gig Economy

So if you’re going to commit to continuous learning, what should you learn? It’s a personal choice of course. But if you want to be influenced by what skills are in most demand, and if (like 35 million Americans) you’re thinking of building a gig/freelance career, you could do worse than looking at this list from Entrepreneur of the top 10 highest paying skills in the gig economy. It’s a good time to get into deep learning and blockchain (this does not constitute investment advice. You should be totally into Ethereum.) Also worth noting that hardly any of these skills existed 10 years ago. More proof that we need to keep learning to stay relevant as the economy shifts under our fee.


funnel-2487506_960_720How Curation Helps Keep You Smart

Call us biased (and call us anytime) but a key way to continuously learn is consuming relevant content carefully selected from a wide variety of sources. Curation in other words – and the good people at Outbrain share a useful primer for how to get started with curation this week. Though they look at it with a content marketing lens, the approach works for continuous learning too. 4 steps: Select, Personalise, Share, Analyze. Don’t forget the sharing – that’s how you add value to others, and show that you’d staying on top of trends. Microsoft may be checking. They’re known to like data we understand.


twitterWhy Fake News Spreads 20x Faster than Truth On Twitter

Twitter’s a tool that can help deliver relevant learning content. And also a whole bunch of nonsense. Not just the look at my nice sandwich stuff, but far more nefarious content. Fake news isn’t s a new story any more, and Facebook’s taken the brunt of the fallout, but new research on its virality on Twitter shows it’s not contained to any one platform. The Guardian reports on MIT research showing that fake news spreads 20 times faster than genuine stories on Twitter. And you can’t blame the bots. Humans cause it. Why? It’s entertaining, it shows people we’re in the know. But of course it shows the opposite. Delete your account, as one candidate once said to another…


Continuously learn and fight the fakery with our free curation tool. Set your filters, see content from the sources you trust. It’s a jungle out there –  Curate safely…