Getting Mircolearning Right, Getting Emotional with Content, Getting Video Everywhere: Your Friday Briefing


Friday’s upon us again, Pink Posse! This week it’s time to think small, big and clearly. We look at the myths and realities around microlearning, how video makes a different in learning, and why being emotional and to the point matters – in sales, marketing, and of course learning. Curation express now leaving the station…


PattiMicrolearning and Macrolearning: Myths and Realities

Microlearning: It’s shorter than your typical course. Sure. It’s cheaper. Yep. But is it better? Not so clear. As Patti Shank sets out in her detailed post, it depends on the problem you’re trying to solve. She urges us not to be so small-minded to think that chunking it up is always the right answer. A longer read but well worth it. Patt’s on the money when it comes to microlearning.


readWhy You Should Write Better, Clearly

Short or long, micro or macro, learning or marketing – the key to all content is clarity. Are you writing as clearly as you could? How do you know if your audience are engaging with the words you’ve written? (Yes, we’d like to know too). One way is to use tools to help make your content more readable. Great tips for content marketers, social sellers and elearning designers alike from Fergal McGovern in Content Marketing Institute on this topic. Top tip: Flesch-Kincaid is your new favourite band. (They’re not a band. But if they were, their songs would be concise and all carry a message).


videoVideo Saved the Elearning Star

Alright, maybe you’re not always writing content. Video in learning used to be the preserve of high end flagship projects and budgets. The absence of it begot a lot of very boring courses. But costs have collapsed and delivery platforms have exploded, and now video’s everywhere. So what’s working? Our good friend Zack Harvey has compiled a great survey on the latest trends in video for workplace learning. He notes that production values can vary – it doesn’t always have to be polished, and sometimes off the cuff user generated content can feel more authentic. But it does have to get to the point – you’ve got 5-10 seconds to make your mark or lose them. And here’s a way…


emotionalGetting Emotional With Your Content

Video or not, micro or macro, content or learning – if you engage people’s emotions, you’re far more likely to make an impact. It’s easy to dump information in a course or drone on in video. It’s harder to tell a great story. You know the ingredients: humour, FOMO, belonging, mystery…some great tips on how to consider and combine the emotional elements that make great content from Adam Heitzman in Search Engine Journal this week.


hirevueWill This AI Make Interviewers Redundant?

We read a lot of articles every week on how AI is transforming this profession or hollowing out that industry. Probably because it is. Here’s an interesting one. If you’re in learning you’ve probably build a module or two on effective interviewing skills. They usually cover important it is to read body language, and check your unconscious bias. Turns out machines are better at that than humans. Check out HireVue. It’s a video driven interviewing platform. Answer the questions by uploading your video responses. It checks your answers (and your body language, and a range of other things) against data points. It knows when you didn’t really win that deal or lead that project. Look, you’re going to end up working for a machine, so you may as well be interviewed by one….


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