Compliance Training is Broken, Voice Tech is Booming, Your To-Do List Isn’t Done: Friday Briefing


For the love of Friday, Pink Posse! We hope you’ve done your compliance training. You were supposed to do it last week, remember you got that email? But that’s ok with us. It probably won’t make a difference anyway.  This and other potentially unwelcome truths await. Don’t worry, it’s all fixable…


boxWhy Your Compliance Training Isn’t Working

Couple of truths about compliance training. Your company has spent a lot on it. If you’re in L&D, you’ve made, bought or sold a lot of it. But most of it just isn’t working. We may get high completion scores, the box may be ticked. But according to research by Deloitte and Compliance Week, the real problem is measuring change in behaviour. Only 70% of firms attempt any measurement of compliance training beyond completion stats, and only a third of them are confident that it’s having any impact. Every organisation that’s been mired in compliance scandals had training in place. So what needs to change? HBR blows the whistle on compliance programs, and how we need to fix them.


voiceHow Voice Technology Will Change Everything

Maybe if compliance training shouted at us repeatedly until we behaved, it’d be better. Voice technology may make that a reality pretty soon. Though Alexa and her ilk are far from ready for prime time in training, we in L&D need to look (or listen) to voice technology. Voice is the oldest human interface, and this week Wired talks through how it’s changing how we search and consume content. Let’s develop that next generation of learning technology with voice-only interfaces…


todoStop Making the Same To Do List, and Six Other Mistakes

Maybe fixing your compliance training and introducing voice tech are on your to do list. If so, your list is probably at the wrong level. Because you’re not crossing those off tonight. Nice piece from Fast Company on rethinking how you make your to-do list. Maybe the morning isn’t the right time after all. Because, coffee, school runs, stuff.


curation infographicJust Nice Pretty Nice Looking Curation Infographics

We’ll admit it: voice tech is no great shakes at reading out infographics. Sometimes you do need to take a look. The excellent people at Atomic Reach have done a very nice job in compiling some of the best infographics on content curation. Some of our favourite models and approaches in here. All nicely curated. We see what you did there guys. And we liked it.


inboundInbound Social Selling: is What Exactly?

Social Selling is a mainstay of this column. So imagine our surprise and delight to discover there’s a whole new thing now. Inbound Social Selling. Actually makes a lot of sense: build a profile, share useful content, let people come to you when they’re ready: the ultimate long game in selling. Ollie Whitfield’s just the man to make sense of inbound social selling for you. Cheers Ollie!

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