Learning Technologies 2018 Preview: A Curated Friday Briefing


If you’re in Learning and Development, and anywhere near London, you’re heading into a big week. The Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition kicks off on Weds 31st. So what’s on the table? We’ve been tracking the key people sharing and talking about Learning ahead of the conference (thank you Kate Graham for putting a great list together), and curated all of their twitter accounts into this briefing. TLDR? Here’s a curated selection of the key trends in Learning Technologies that will get people jabbering at the show and beyond.

BTW: Are you going? See you there – We’re on stand B1 with Fuse and L6 with Jam Pan, and flitting about like the curation butterflies we are…


growthThe Elearning Market Keeps Growing..

If you’ve been in the learning market as long as us, you’ve seen a lot of boom (and bust). According the latest report from GMI, it’s on the up and up right now. They predict that the global market for Elearning will reach $200bn by 2024. They define it pretty broadly, taking in custom elearning, LMS, tools and development.  The exec summary should be enough to keep all the vendors feeling pretty happy though…


9 g…And It’s Crowed and Confusing

With a big market comes a lot of players. Every week there are new entrants. Who’s worth paying attention to? A good place to start is Fosway’s 9 Grid Report, the latest version of which was released this week. They rank suppliers in key sectors and share the lowdown on who’s worth taking further. A useful plan for navigating LT2018 and beyond. 


trendsIt’s not Short on Trends and Buzzwords

Gamification. Personalisation. Curation (yes, we’re part of that train). No shortage of trends in this sector. Which are worth paying attention to? We liked this list from Sursesh Kumar with his take on the top 9 elearning trends for 2018. Substance or snake oil? Check his list and decide.


collaborativeWe may be Struggling with Collaboration…

One of those trends is collaboration and collaborative learning. Don Taylor takes it on by asking if we really care about collaboration in learning. He notes that it’s been sliding down the list of hot topics for a few years, and personalisation seems to be hotter. Our take: does it have to be either/or? Can we create a personalised experience and also have opportunities to share and collaborate? Of course we can..


integ…And we have to make Learning part of Work

Learning is work, work is learning so the saying goes. Easy to say, seemingly tricky in practice. Too often learning is positioned as something you step away from the day job to do. Josh Bersin argues that learning must be part of the workflow – be that through on-demand learning, performance support, chatbots and intelligent agents and curated content on demand (we like that one).


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