Learning, Curation and Social Selling: Your List of Lists Friday Briefing

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Are we still saying Happy New Year, Pink Posse! One last time so. By now the ship has sailed and you’re well into your Janxiety period. If you’re looking for motivation to get you truly back into the swing, may we present our curated list of lists on all the best ideas, tips and rants on learning and social selling from last year. And then let’s move on and put this stuff into practice…

learning experience8 Trends in Learning Experience Design

Towards the end of last year were trends lists in elearning aplenty, but this one is a little different – what’s going to be different for the people responsible for designing great learning experiences? There are more tools and options than ever. What should you be doing with them? Useful list of trends in learning design from Connie Malamed here, among them: designing experiences, not courses, integrating learning with workflow, and embracing design thinking. Good resolutions for any learning designer.

jane hartTop 30 Posts on Workplace Learning from Jane Hart

We’ve known Jane Hart for a long old time now and really admire the swathe she’s cutting through modern workplace learning. Her round up of the 30 best articles on workplace learning in 2017 is well worth working through. Standout for us was  this one from Inc on why most of your learning just isn’t working.


top 25Top 25 Articles on Learning in 2017

If Jane’s list has whet your appetite for more: We read thousands of articles on learning last year. We’ve culled and curated our top 25 articles on Learning of last year, organised around Continuous and lifelong learning, digital and workplace learning trends, content curation for learning, and practical tips for getting started. Yes, there’s some overlap with Jane’s picks. Yes, that’s a good thing.

top 30 socialSocial Selling: The Top 30 Articles We Read in 2017

Social Selling had a bit of a moment in 2017: Almost 7,000 articles on social selling were published. Don’t go back and read them all – you’ve got stuff to do. We’ve curated the 30 best ones we read in 2017 into a categorised list here. We’ve looked at the best articles on strategy and getting started, best books of the year, best articles on content curation, top tips and lists, and how to help sales teams and build habits. Hope it helps you get off to a great social selling start in 2018.

top dog25 Tips from Social Selling Experts for 2018

Sticking with social selling: Our good friend Melonie Dodaro has put together a great list of advice from 25 social selling experts for 2018. Take the time to run through this list to build your social selling plan for 2018.We liked this from Mic Adam: “Keep on adding value. Curate content and share the value-added content with your network in public and private mode. Become a resource for your clients.” Right on the money, Mic.


Keep on curating and learning with our free curation tool. Take a lead from Sam Taylor: Now this is a resolution we can get behind…

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