Adaptive Working, Social Learning, Purposeful Leading: Your Friday Briefing


Hello Friday. And hello Pink Posse. This week we’ve curated articles on being adaptive, social, more purposeful and better on social. You’re no doubt all those things already. So this is just a recap on all the things you’re doing perfectly already…


accentureHow Accenture’s Embracing The “Adaptive Workforce”

Getting things done in Learning and Developing is hard work as so many of you know. Interesting case study from Accenture on how they’re taking a different approach to getting things done through an “Adaptive workforce” model to reach out of the organisation and bring in talent on demand. It’s a different approach to tapping into the wider talent economy. Lots more of this in 2018…


social2018: Year of the learner? Making Sense of Social Learning

Amid the avalanche of learning technology trends and predictions for 2018, let’s not lose sight of the learner. They’re in charge. Or at least they should be. Nice piece from Steve Lowenthal on why we need to put the learner at the centre, and how social learning can enable that. Don’t try to control it. See the next article for what happens when you do…


f8Companies with Purpose: Why Is Facebook Changing?

Speaking of social, avid Anders Pink readers will probably have noticed Facebook’s announcement to revamp its social feed to prioritise updates from your friends and family over promotional and news content. The move has already cost them dearly, if your key metric is stock price. But they seem to be suggesting they have another key indicator: their purpose. HBR dug into what it means to run a purpose driven business. Good reflection point for all of us, not just Zuck…


go5 Challenges for AI in 2018

AI is embedding itself how we work, learn, live and entertain ourselves. But it’s got a long way to go. Wired this week called out 5 challenges for AI to overcome in 2018 if it’s to get beyond marketing and make a real difference. It needs to go beyond winning at Go. It needs to learn how to actually read, not just identify patterns. And maybe learn the difference between right and wrong. Not an unreasonable to-do list for humans too. Though Anders Pink posse is already excelling on all fronts.


social linkedin9 Expert Tips for Social Selling

Finally this week, the good people over at Scribble have put together a nice simple list of 9 expert tips for social selling. Among them: think quality, not quantity: You don’t need 5,000 connections. You need good ones that are relevant. Curate content so it’s not just all about you. Always add value and insight whenever you share content on social. Sensible stuff and a good to do list for any social seller.