Building Talent, Going Viral on Facebook, Learning with Slack: Your Friday Briefing


Hello Pink companions! You’re so talented. But maybe that’s not enough. You care about predicting the future. But maybe that’s pointless. And you probably didn’t get 22 million shares on Facebook this year. But 2018 will be so different. Let’s expand on these bombshells in this week’s round up:


bgtWhich Matters More: Talent or Effort?

Born with it, or a grafter? Gifted or Gritty? It’s 20 years since McKinsey declared the “war for talent” and spawned a thousand business books on how to find and nurture it. But is it really better to look for talent, or to hire, develop and train people in getting things done? Calvin Coolidge said persistence was more important than talent – there are many gifted but unproductive people. Interesting article on Fast Company this week that pitches talent against effort – which really matters at work? Yes, you have. But nobody likes a show off.


futureStop Trying to Predict The Future

This time of year is a awash with predictions articles. It’s a rum business, as Niels Bohr said predictions are hard, especially about the future. So maybe worry less about predicting the future and focus on what’s true now and will be in the future. Great article from Michael Simmonds on how to deal with our limited and declining knowledge about the world, and focus on what’s not going to change. He borrows from Jeff Bezos here: Ask yourself what’s not going to change in the next 10 years, and invest in those certainties. Because nobody really knows what’s going to happen.


fbookThe Most Shared Content on Facebook in 2017: Top Viral Videos and Posts

Did you watch the video for ‘Despacito‘ this year? It’s ok, no judgement here. You’re not alone. It was watched 4 billion (yes billion) times this year and shared 22 million times on Facebook. So that’s…good. But what other posts broke through the viral barrier this year? Our data-driven hero Steve Rayson looked at over 2 billion articles on Facebook to compile this list of the best performing content on Facebook in 2017. Learn some tips for approaching FB virality status in 2018. You may not have to write a Spanish rap song to do it. But if you want to give it a go, feel free…  


slackCould Slack Be The Best Social Learning Tool in your Business?

Using Slack? Us too. It’s changed how the world gets work done. See you later email, you were so 2015. But Slack is for more than collaboration. It’s actually a great social learning tool. Here’s how we think Slack Can Help Your Teams with Informal and Social Learning. And yes, we made a Slack integration for Anders Pink. So it’s not just all talk. It’s free stuff. It’s Christmas after all.


welcome4 Examples of Great Onboarding Experiences

It might not have escaped your attention that it’s the season of goodwill -and also for many business the time of a massive spike in seasonal hiring. An employee or isn’t just for Christmas though: All year round you need to focus on how to onboard them in an efficient, supportive and engaging way. You want them to feel “I made a great choice” not “What is this place…”. To help with that, SHRM shared four great ways to onboard new team members. As these case studies show, your learning approach doesn’t have to be an information overload or 3 hours of elearning on the 100 years of your company’s history. Play games, watch videos and welcome new joiners to the party. Just like Christmas.

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