Top 100 CEOs, 5 Trends in SEO, Social Selling Stats, Micro Learning Insights: Your Friday Briefing


Oh hello, Pink Posse. We’re all about the data this week. Who are the best performing SEOs? How do you track how an idea (like micro learning) spreads? And what’s the evidence that social selling works? Eyes down for all the numbers..


100Who are the Top 100 CEOs? Not Who You Think

Leaders like to get results. And the results are in on the best of them in Harvard Business Review this week. They rank the world’s top 100 CEOs on a range of metrics. Financial results and growth looms large of course, but their corporate social responsibility ranking matters too. See how the leading CEOs stack up in HBR this week. It doesn’t match the global top performing companies, and has some surprising brands and names


microlMicro Learning: How an Idea Spreads in L&D

If you’re in Learning and Development, someone has said micro learning to you 50 times in the last hour. Well, your mileage may vary, but it’s gotten a lot of traction. Over 1,000 articles have been published in the last year. What does it actually mean, how did the idea spread, and is it just a myth or something worth taking seriously? Don Taylor plots the growth of micro learning and shares his views in his recent blog post. Little hint from us: Just a set of curated articles (like this) can be micro learning. It’s a broad church.


ssiSocial Selling: The Stats Are In

While we’re talking trends and stats, new insights this week from Bob Woods. He does a great job of collating the statistics that show the impact of social selling. Your competitors are doing it: 69% of sales professionals use social selling to build their pipeline. And your clients are listening: 84% of B2B buyers use social media to research buying decisions, 92% engage with industry thought leaders through social. That’s the building blocks for your social selling business case…


sauceWhy Content Curation is the Secret Sauce for Social Selling

What makes social selling successful? One way is to look beyond your promotional content, and find, filter and share content from different sources to establish your authority. Content curation can power social selling, take some of the pressure off your content marketing, and help you to help your clients and prospects with insights. Matthew Royse shares some tips on content curation (yes, by interviewing us) in his recent post. 


SEO5 Trends for Content Marketing and SEO

Where’s content marketing headed? If you’re not careful about how you optimise your content, it’s not going anywhere. 71% of marketers say that less than half of the content they produce is being consumed. That’s not very satisfying. It may be about producing less content and promoting it more. And it’s certainly about making it more discoverable. Great tips from Content Marketing Institute on where SEO is headed and what to do about it.  One tip: Create micro content. Hey, just like micro learning. Maybe we’re not so different, marketing and learning friends…


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