How to get a 60% Sales Boost, 60 Minutes for Social Selling, 4 I’s of Curation for Learning: Your Friday Briefing


Bonjour Pink Posse! Would you like to boost your sales by 60%? Would you like to cut your HR costs without compromising service? Would you like to make your workplace learning more dynamic with fresh content? You really want it all, don’t you? And why not. Don’t ask, don’t get. (Ok, you didn’t ask. But here you go anyway…)


JeanneHow AI will Transform The Employee Experience

There are over 100,000 chatbots on Facebook messenger. Would you care if your next HR query is answered by one? HR leaders don’t think so. They estimate that two thirds of employees would be comfortable with payroll, time off and similar requests being handled by a bot, while real people focus on less transactional questions. Jeanne Meister’s always on the money when it comes to looking at the future of learning and HR, and in her Forbes column this week she shares her view on how AI will transform the employee experience and your relationship with HR. It starts with chatbots but goes much further…


collectionThe 4 “I”s of Curation For Workplace Learning

AI can power your content curation, with the right tools of course. Our good friends over at HT2 shared four useful steps in the content curation process for Learning in the Workplace this week: Inspiration, Instruction, Integration and Implementation. We like the idea of curating learning paths with well connected strands of content, and keeping them fresh. We say I (or aye) to that too  – well we would, as Anders Pink is integrated with HT2’s Red Panda solution :-) Ben Betts sets out the 4 I’s of curation here.


wordpress-265132_960_720Do You Really Need To Write That Blog Post?

It’s too late for this one, but it’s a good question to ask: For content marketers and social sellers, the short form blog post has become the standard unit of currency. As a result, there’s a lot of them. 3 million are published every day, and like any currency, value goes down as supply increases. Can you mix up the format and get better returns on your investment? Is publishing fewer longer articles and creating video assets a better option (yes, of course you should do all of the above). Top Rank Blog suggests a few alternatives to the 500 word blog post this week. Hey guys, you forget curated round-ups. That’s ok, we’ll just leave that here…


SAPHow SAP Found Success With Social Selling

Does Social Selling work? Ask SAP. They realised that the phone wasn’t just going to keep ringing as B2B buyers changed their habits and did more of their vendor research on social networks. They needed to take a different approach to connect with and add value to prospects. They switched their strategy to focus on social selling. The results include a 60% increase in quota attainment and 600% increase in average deal size. If you want to be like SAP, check out this case study on how SAP make social selling a success from Vengreso. Great advice in the video story here: Listen to your customers and prospects. Find or create articles that will help them. Do not spam, share sensitively and at the right pace. Build a rhythm to establish your authority. It worked for SAP.


clock60 Minute Social Selling: Your Power Hour in Small Chunks

If you could put in 60 minutes a day to get a 60% increase in your sales figures, would you do it? Let’s say that’s a yes (I think that’s called an assumptive close in the business). So how would you spend that hour on social selling? Here’s some suggestions from us on how to invest 60 minutes a day to build a social selling habit. Your mileage may vary, but just going from zero minutes to sharing one article a day is a big shift. Let us know how you get on – minute by minute if you like…and if you want to save a little time, use a tool that helps you curate content faster.