Controlling your Learning, Drowning in Content Marketing, Selling with Social: Your Friday Briefing


Happy December, Pink Posse! Now that we’re officially in end of year shopping/budget dumping/all out panic mode, we need some calming words to take the edge off. So how about: L&D is lagging behind, Content Marketing is Doomed, HR is going to be automated. Don’t worry, these are just ghosts of curation future. They’re not real. Not until at least January. And that’s ages away.


L&D: Where Are We Now? Annual Benchmark Report

How does your Learning & Development effort compare to your peers? The best data on that question is in the annual Towards Maturity Benchmark Report, published last week. We’ll do a full lowdown on the report separately, but some highlights:


  • L&D teams want to get better at facilitating collaboration, data analytics and digital content
  • The top goals for L&D are increasing self-directed learning and integrating learning with workflow
  • Reflecting that, Curation and Continuous Learning tools were the most piloted new forms of learning technology in 2017
  • But there’s still big gap: only 22% of learning is wholly digital in organisations – and 55% is still completely face to face

Get behind these headlines and read the full benchmarking report here. Congratulations to Laura Overton and the team for another set of insightful findings.


bossHow To Ask Your Boss To Let You Learn Your Way

As the Towards Maturity report shows, self directed learning is where we all want to head. So how do you take a step towards that and take control. Good article on taking control of learning in HBR this week.

In short: You have to know what it is you want to learn, and how. You have to own it – it’s your responsibility to develop, not your boss’s. And you need to tie it (at least in part) to your team or business goals – then ask for the win. If it’s helping your business, what are they going to do – say no? And if they do then ask differently, or ask yourself if you’re in the right place.


bot-icon-2883144_960_720How Automated will HR be in 5 years?

It’s that time of year when roundups and predictions deck the halls. We’ve looked before at how bots, AI, data and automation are changing HR. SHRM suggests this week that the HR department of the future will be focused on 3 core things: Learning and Development, Morale and Retention. Recruitment will be more data driven. Processes will be automated – you don’t need a human to answer questions about sick leave policies. A bitter bot-based future for HR pros or a better one where you focus on the things that really matter? Here’s what HR in 2022 could look like.


tips27 Tips for Better B2B Selling

It’s also the time of year when lists arrive like Christmas cards (though arguably that’s a year-round situation as the article below shows). Here’s a good list of 27 tips to be a better B2B seller from LinkedIn. They include several about curating and sharing good content for social selling: Tap into your tribe’s knowledge. Listen to your prospects and share relevant content. Be an information concierge: content is your currency for building relationships. Open one tip every day this month, if advent calendars are your thing. Or gorge on them all now, if you’re more of a selection box type. We cater for all sorts here.


overflow-10982760Content Marketing: Is it over?

Finally, our resident content marketing expert and co-founder Steve Rayson shares some seasonal tidings of potential doom for content marketing. Have we hit maximum content shock, is every niche saturated? Steve shares tips for identifying areas where there’s still space to build a voice, and focus relentlessly on promotion and amplification to stand out. It’s not easy for Content Marketers. Share them a thought this holiday season.


If you’d rather surf through the content that really matters rather than drown under the waves, try our curation tool. Not to be used as a flotation device.