Context not Content, Curation not FOMO, Action not Strategy: Your Black Friday Briefing


Happy Black Friday, Pink Posse! Though here at Anders Pink we avoid all forms of rampant consumerism, we respect your right to pillage the internet and shopping malls for deals today. So in that spirit, please avail of our Black Friday Special: 5 articles on learning, leadership and curation for the price of zero. This week only. And possibly also next week.  


dilbertWhy Your Strategy Might Not Actually Be a Strategy

Strategy. Strategizing. The starting point for a million Dilbert Cartoons. It’s easy to mock because, argues Harvard Business Review this week, a lot of strategies are actually not strategies at all. They don’t work because they don’t have clear choices, they don’t say what you’re not doing, and the rationale isn’t communicated. To avoid your next Dilbert moment, take a look at what a strategy actually needs to cover.


onthejobFor Corporate Learning, Context Really is King

Of course you need leaders to carry your strategy through. How are they learning the best way to do that? We’ve talked before in these pages about how leadership training often falls flat. Here’s a different approach: “This is not your Father’s Leadership Learning”. Not a spoiler quote from the Last Jedi but a call to the end of content dumping 65 powerpoint slides (or screens of elearning) in 60 mind numbing minutes. For effective learning, worry less about what gets covered and more about where people learn – in organisations, that means understanding the processes, routines and power bases where learning needs to be embedded to drive behavior change. If you want to be a better learner and leader than your dear old Dad, start here.   


deloitteHow To Avoid Learning FOMO with Content Curation: Deloitte’s View

So where do you learn? Everywhere, but more specifically the internet. But it’s not very well filtered or organised. The Fear of missing out on the good stuff is rife. To overcome it, says Deloitte, you need to find, filter and surface relevant content in the right place for your audience. That’s what content curation means. Great article from Deloitte on how to use curation for learning, and the benefits including keeping your team up to speed with change, responding quickly to their needs, reducing costs. If you care about those things in Learning, you should care about curation.


shHack This: Practical Tips for Social Selling

Where to start with Social Selling? Might we modestly suggest you start with our social selling guide – but of course there’s lots of other great stuff out there too. and putting tips into practice. We really liked the social selling guide that Dylan Hey at Sales Hacker has put together – full of practical insights for making the best use of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to build and engage your prospects. Read Dylan’s guide here.


appleHow About These Apples?

Finally, as America goes back to the fridge for leftovers between the retail wars, there may be an apple pie or two getting a second look today (I know, apple pie at Thanksgiving is an abomination for many pilgrims. Stay with me). If your leftover apples have gone brown, they’re not Arctic. (again stay with me). Arctic apples are genetically modified, don’t go brown, and are on sale now. It turns out a lot of people really do not like this. Is biotechnology going to change your eating habits? It starts with apples. It may lead to roboturkeys. Let’s check in next year on that one.


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